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  1. MikeMeehan

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    Oct 31, 2002
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    Has anyone used these,and what were the results. I need to hook up one of my sat receivers to the tv so my wife can bypass the a/v receiver and just watch tv. thanks for any advice.
  2. Bill Kane

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    I dont have a satellite STB, but just finished installing a cabletv "digital converter" STB. Some ideas....

    The sat STB ought to have an RF (F-type screw terminal) OUT as well as separate audio/video outputs (whether these may be red/white/yellow or digital/S-Video which are preferable for the main AV [HT] system).

    If the sat box has this RF OUT unused, you run a (black)75ohm coax connector from there to the tv's ANT A IN identical screw terminal to pass the incoming sat programming to the tv's internal tuner.

    So to see if this path works for you, after installing the coax connector (various lengths are available at RadioShack if you dont already have a boxful)....

    *Turn on the tv.
    *Turn on the sat box.
    (The sat box remote probably can be programmed to do the tv turn-on.)
    * Now you must use the tv remote to cycle thru the Video1, Video2 or whatever your options are named until getting the picture. The spouse can leave the tv set here, and you can switch back to the input that uses your S-Video or Component input connections for video and when you want to run Sat thru the amplifier for surround sound and play DVDs.
    *TV speakers must be set to SPEAKERS ON with the remote.

    If there is a VCR in the chain, it gets WAY more complex.


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