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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Tim Herbst, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. Tim Herbst

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    Feb 25, 2004
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    Time Warner has now introduced HDTV with DVR, I have a Toshiba 42H81 hooked up to Color Stream connection. In HD mode the picture overscans and I lose about 15% of the picture on top and bottom. Is there anyway to adjust the picture so I can see the whole thing? The picture quality is great just cannot see it all.
  2. Jeff Gatie

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    First, make sure the HD box is outputting 1080i. The Toshiba will default to "Full" mode on a 1080i (or 720p) signal, but will default to whatever zoom mode you use for regular TV (with sometimes weird results) for a non-HD signal. If you have a Motorola 5100 box, you can check the default output by turning the box off and hitting the "Menu" button on the front of the box. It should have 1080i listed for output and 480i (or 480p) for 4:3 override. This is the only reason I can think of that a Tosh may be cropping that much from a (supposedly) HD signal.

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