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    Nov 13, 2002
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    I have a Sony KV-24FV300 television and the picture quality isn't what I would expect. When I playback DVD's through my Zenith 2381 it is very pixelated. Lots of like mosaic patterns that move. It looks almost like a cartoon. My mom's Toshiba 32" going through S-input looks better. I bought this TV because of the component inputs as well as the SONY brand. Is there some way to improve the picture? Thanks for any help.
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    It sounds like either your DVD's component outputs or your TV's component inputs are on the fritz. There's no reason it should look like that.

    Considering the ype of problem you are describing, I'd say it's most likely a problem with your DVD player. If you can, say, borrow a friends DVD player and hook it up via component to your Sony, you can test to see if it's the TV or player.

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