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Oct 3, 2008
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OK, its fantasy time. We're all here because we love movies. I appreciate film as not just entertainment but also as an art form. I have a large collection of DVDs and, while I'm mostly satisfied with what I have I have to admit there are a number of flawed discs I'd like to replace with a proper upgrade. The studios have, for the most part, done a phenomenal job releasing their product in the best possible version but there are still discs that simply cry out for a re-issue. I wont consider my collection truly complete until these flicks get the respect they deserve. I have chosen to "run" MGM because they have the most mediocre DVDs. If i were in charge of this studio, I would immediately get to work on:

RUNAWAY TRAIN. Awesome flick. Why, oh why, isn't there a better version of this?

SCANNERS. Crappy letterboxed transfer. No extras. What gives? While I'm at it, I'd release all the sequels in a nifty box set like they keep doing with the Species series

MIRACLE MILE. The best end-of-the-world movie ever made

NO WAY OUT (1987) One of the best suspense thrillers I've ever seen.

All those gritty 80's Charles Bronson flicks like Murphy's Law, the Death Wish sequels, 10 to Midnight, etc. Alot of them were directed by the same guy that did Guns of Navarone! I would put together an ultimate Bronson box set collecting all the movies owned by MGM and release them fully uncut and in widescreen. I'd finish it off with a thorough Bronson biography. You know, its a damn shame nobody thought to sit Bronson down for a commentary or interview before he passed away in the late 90's. They don't make em like this one anymore.

Don't laugh but I think Missing In Action is a kick-ass action flick. How about a Chuck Norris box set collecting all of HIS movies uncut and in widescreen. Special Editions all the way. And The Delta Force? No less than an Ultimate Edition for this awesome action extravaganza.

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. I would start by apologizing to Dan O'Bannon for treating him like an outcast and then I would pay him what he deserves for coming up with this masterpiece. An ultimate edition featuring both the theatrical & workprint editions of the film along with a soundtrack CD. Complete cast bios. All original music intact.

THE STEPFATHER, DEATH SHIP, FLORIDA STRAITS. And enough with the photoshop artwork. Are there rights issues regarding video artwork like thare are with music? I don't get it. There is some fantastic original art used for initial home video versions, why not reproduce them for the DVD incarnations? Squirm is a good example. There's an awesome poster featuring the original theatrical artwork. Look what they used for the DVD. Awful.

The list goes on. Ok, time to wake up. A guy can dream, right?


Mar 23, 2000
I believe most would run it into the ground by releasing the films they want and not what the majority of the venders will purchase. Than all of a sudden your stuck with 2,000 cases of some obscure 1930's film that only you care about, while you missed the holiday season for releasing the latest blockbuster in Pan and Scan (Because that's what Walmart's customers want)

Okay, may YOU would only release one of your favorite obscure films (and it would still be unprofitable) but you Would release it.

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