Philips 985 DVD Recorder (black level bug?)

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Jarvis, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Greetings - I read all about the black level bug with the Panasonic DVD recorders. Can anyone tell me if the Philips might just have the same problem? (perhaps it's a firmware version problem?)

    I owned an Panasonic HS2, and a new SONY NS315 player.
    I recorded DVD-R's (finalized) on the HS2, tried to play them back in the SONY, and they were very bright and faded.
    I took back the HS2, and bought the Philips.
    I recorded DVD+R's on it (finalized) and tried to play them back on the SONY - which advertises it can read DVD+RW but does NOT specify DVD+R (I didn't notice this detail, I saw + and thought I was ok).
    I got the EXACT same picture - bright and faded.

    SO - Might the Philips have the same problem?
    Playing the DVD+R's on the Philips looks fine.
    Playing them on my IBM ThinkPad and another computer, works fine. BUt I only have the SONY as a test player.

    Thanks in advance for any info!
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    I own two DVD recorders a Samsung DVD R3000 and a Panasonic E30 and have never experienced a faded out picture when recording to a DVD-R or RAM. I have recorded well over two hundred movies from VHS, SVHS, Laserdics and DirecTV (Turner Classics and FOX Movie Channel).

    Recently I recorded to DVD-R, The Blue Max, Inn of the 6th Happiness, The Alamo (Extended Version), Story of GI Joe, The Treasire of the Sierra Madre and Sergeant York with excellent results.

    Check the video setting on the player you are using for playback. I use a pro scan JVC player that offers full options for adjusting the video output including a Gamma adjustment.

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