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Jun 11, 2004
Retails for $499 sell for $299 including shipping to continental USA! Original box, remote and manual. Unit is in excellent condition. Unit has performs flawlessly in both audio and video.

High-resolution sound and picture quality join forces with the incredibly affordable Philips DVD963SA. On the audio side, the Philips offers multichannel SACD playback with Advanced Bass Management plus CD upsampling to 192 kHz for improved musical clarity, attack, and ambiance.

"An Audiophile's Dream"
"An audiophile's dream, this player boasts superb sound from CD and especially SACD," gushes the May 2003 issue of England's Hi-Fi World magazine. "The hard edginess of modern digital is banished, to be replaced by performance where any atmosphere captured in the original recording is faithfully conveyed in an almost magical manner… Factor in fine video and this player is a powerful package that's difficult to ignore. Heartily recommended."

"This really is one of the best bargains in DVD players," raves the January / February 2004 Top Choice Awards issue of DVD ETC. magazine. "Philips has added so much good stuff to this player that, in my opinion, it catapults the 963 to the top of the $500 market."

Hi-Fi+ Magazine Product of the Year 2003
England's Hi-Fi+ magazine awards the Philips DV963SA with "Product of the Year" honors for 2003. "Delivering sound from CD and SACD to match dedicated players costing a thousand pounds or more, with decent pictures from DVD-V and multi-channel thrown in, the DV963SA represents astonishing value."

"A Minor Miracle"
David Del Bourgo of The Audiophile Voice bought the '963SA just for its SACD capability, and to say he was satisfied is an understatement. "When I put Patricia Barber's nightclub SACD on the Philips 963SA, I was astounded," he writes in Volume 9, Issue 3. "I literally swore out loud to myself… I could not believe digitized sound could be so rich with detail." According to Del Bourgo, "I can't imagine an investment of 10 times the amount that would make as big a difference to my system - a minor miracle, in my mind."

Smooth, Film-like DVD Pictures
On the video side, high-quality 3:2 progressive scan with motion adaptation using Faroudja DCDi technology eliminates jagged edges in video. The result is a simultaneously smooth and razor-sharp picture that looks more like film than you ever thought possible. Plus, a 13-bit video DAC expands the color palette for impressive realism. Built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoders work wonders with surround sound formats. And how’s this for capability! The DVD963SA plays DVD-Video, CD-R/RW, MP3, VCD, SVCD, and DVD-R/RW.

If you've got a new generation TV or monitor that supports progressive scan component video, you've got to get a Philips DVD963SA. It features progressive scan output with 3:2 pull-down, delivering smooth, film-like quality to DVD discs.* You won't believe how good home theater can look once you've eliminated the disc jitter you probably take for granted on non-progressive machines.

And for a further burst of video technology, the DVD963SA incorporates exclusive premium Faroudja DCI digital motion correction (DCDi) processing for the most life-like movie action you've every seen. Among it other benefits, DCDi removes the motion artifacts and "jaggies" that rob action scenes of realism.

The Philips also uses Digital Crystal Clear technology. It integrates a set of advanced video picture adjustment settings, including Chroma Luma Delay to prevent color bleeding, Gamma adjustments to maximize contrasts, and DNR/Sharpness for sharp detail and noise-free images.

13-Bit Video Upsampling
For the best overall picture quality, the Philips relies on 108 MHz 13-bit video processing, a huge step up from 10-bit processing used in most machines. This upsampling DAC improves horizontal resolution by 8-times, resulting in a finer pixel size and eliminating any possible "haloing" distortions. It also increases the color palette to an impressive 8192 levels of color for the Y, U, and V signals. With more subtle shades and smoother graduation of colors, pictures seem more vibrant and natural.

A Sampling Rate 64 Times Higher Than CD
Super Audio CD (SACD), developed by Philips and Sony, is the evolution of the CD format. It uses the latest one-bit DSD (Direct Stream Digital) technology to deliver superior sound reproduction quality with the ability to render all the sonic and acoustic nuances of a live performance. And unlike two-channel CDs, SACDs have multi-channel capability, enabling them to deliver all the enveloping excitement of home theater to audio discs. The DVD963SA's multi-channel sound yields accurate and focused voice-localization, creating a convincing, three-dimensional sound stage with a capability of 5.1 channels of music.

"It is with SACD that this player shines brightest," reports Hi-Fi World. "I cannot imagine anyone not being totally drawn in by the 963SA's wonderfully vibrant sound from SACD."

Apart from the multi-channel capability, how does SACD improve on the already impressive performance of standard CDs? It does the job by using a sampling frequency of 2.8224 MHz, which is a full 64 times higher than the sampling rate of CDs. You have to hear the phenomenal results of this new frontier in pure and natural sound to believe them. This technology closely reproduces the original analog waveforms that LP lovers have cherished for decades, producing a clearer, more natural sound that captures the musical atmosphere and emotional impact of the source material with outstanding realism.

"Outperformed Any CD Player I've Ever Heard"
In addition to its SACD capability, the Philips also excels with standard CDs. "I was hopeful that the 963SA's CD performance would be comparable to other good $500 offerings," reports Del Bourgo in The Audiophile Voice. "What I found, to my delight and surprise, was that the Philips 963SA outperformed any CD player I've ever heard in its price category."

The Progressive Scan Advantage
Compared to standard interlaced video, progressive scan effectively doubles the amount of video information fed to your TV or monitor. Most conventional TVs display images using the interlace system, which reproduces image frames in two steps rather than one. Odd numbered scanning fields are displayed in one image frame, and even-numbered scanning fields are displayed in the second frame. In other words, it takes two frames on your TV to display a complete "new" picture.

But the Philips DVD936SA uses progressive scan technology to deliver a complete image frame to your TV on each and every frame, giving you a brand new frame 60 times a second instead of 30 times a second as received with conventional DVD players, VCRs, etc.

The result is a stable, flicker-free image that rids you once and for all of the "picture flicker blues." It also eliminates the motion artifacts that rob your TV of its sharpness. The invisible scan lines and jagged edges on moving objects are suddenly gone. (Check your TV/monitor for compatibility with this feature.) It's like cleaning a thick layer of dust off your TV screen.

Dolby Digital, DTS Decoding, and More
Of course, the Philips has built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding. For unbeatable sound and video, it also features a Dual Discrete Laser pick-up for superior CD-R and CD-RW playback and DVD performance. A leading-edge 24-bit, 192 kHz DAC delivers top-notch, cinema-quality sound. Digital Zoom with Perfect Still lets you zoom in close to a portion of the screen without sacrificing image quality. TruSurround provides simulated surround sound on just two speakers. Six-channel analog outputs give you added flexibility for 5.1 surround formats. Need connectivity? You've got it with component video, composite video, and S-video outputs!

"Bottom line, I don't think there's any bargain on the audio market that can compare to this little gem," concludes Del Bourgo in The Audiophile Voice. "Add an excellent DVD player, and I think this is a no-brainer for any audiophile on a budget, and maybe for some who aren't."

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