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Philips 30PW850H for bedroom system? (1 Viewer)

Stephen Hopkins

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Jul 19, 2002
I'm putting together a system for the bedroom of the apartment i'll be in this fall. It'll be mainly for casual TV and DVD viewing as well as PS2 and X-Box. It's more to take some of the load off my front projection system in the main room. The bedroom receiver will be a Kenwood VR-6060 and the speakers/sub will be an AVS-5.1 package. Progressive scan DVD will come from my PS2+ or possibly a Denon DVD-910 if ecost gets anymore in anytime soon. I may also have HD Cable via comcast IF they are able to put HD in both the main room and the bedroom.

I had been considering the Philips 32PT740H which is a 32" non-flat 4:3 HDTV which I could get from walmart for $500. I've now come across a reputable internet retailer who has 30PW850H's for $600 and free shipping. They are factory refurbished and shipped directly from Philips. It's a 30" flat 16:9 HDTV. I like the idea of having a flat set but it's not a much. Widescreen is also attractive and I think it would give the set alot more staying power with there being more and more 16:9 HD content available. It'll also be used for a fair amount of DVD viewing so widescreen looks better and better, even though I'd be getting roughly the same amount of 16:9 screen area on a 4:3 32" set.

So mainly I'm asking what you would do given these 2 options? 30" flat 16:9 HD for $600 shipped vs. 32" non-flat 4:3 HD for $500 + tax ($537.50 with tax)?

Thanks :)

Kevin G.

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Sep 30, 2003
I guess you'll have to decide for yourself on the comparison. I have the 850h and flat out love it!!! The question is: how much 4:3 are you going to watch?(size factor)
I always watch mine in zoom modes and never watch 4:3 aspect.
This unit really shines when watching dvd's, if you actually get Hd programming you'll, no doubt, be very happy

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