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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Scott-S, Nov 8, 2007.

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    Is anyone else watching this show?

    Did that contestant really get bitten by the snake? It sure seemed like he did. The show is live and I guess it is possible, but it is also possible it was all part of the act. Good thing it was the Rat snake that got him.
  2. JohnS

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    John Steffens
    Yeah, I'm watching this show.
    It is only 6 episodes though.

    Last week was a hoot, for the fact that the guy channeling this dead guy, to guess what was in the box that Raven Simone picked was a stage play.

    Then Chris Angel calling the guy a fake and even got a Bullshit bomb out without the censors bleeping it. The "performer" then calling Chris Angel a bigot and trying to start a shoving match was great.
  3. Jason Harbaugh

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    I missed last nights episode but caught the rest. I hate most mentalists for reasons that contestants on this show do all too well. It mostly is in the delivery. Nearly all of them must use that same mysterious tone, gave deeply into the camera, use shifty eyes, and tell stories about how fire is an element. But you do get the occasional entertainer.

    The guy that did the nailgun routine the first show broke the cardinal rule of televised magic on last weeks show. Don't let your strings get caught on camera, and definitely don't let them glimmer in the studio lights for multiple seconds. Otherwise people might not believe that you can make sunglasses move on their own. [​IMG]

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