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Press Release PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! The Sheik (1921) (Blu-ray) (1 Viewer)


Jul 27, 2022
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The Sheik is certainly not great art, but it's iconic as can be. I imagine that if you were to ask "the man on the street" to name a couple silents, (A) most wouldn't be able to do so and (B) the few that could would likely cite this Valentino film because of how it is even a century later still part of pop culture. I also imagine that this is one of those "prestige" releases not necessarily designed to make money. From what I have heard, Paramount took a bath on the 1980s VHS silents line, and a few years back they were disappointed with the returns on their magnificent Wings blu-ray. Unless they're either delusional or ignorant, they have to know what the sales potential of this release is. That said, I passed on Kino's blu (which I think was Paramount-licensed) because I was satisfied with the David Shepard DVD. Since I'm sort of intrigued, I'll pick up this release. That makes me number five, doesn't it?
I agree that The Wedding March is the better film, and if Criterion has the license, I wish they would get on the ball with it. While I would definitely prefer for the second part to survive, I have to admit that the ending on the 1928 release version is about as perfect as you can get if you know your world history - bittersweet, poignant, ironic, and a little dash of dark humor.

Strong disagree from me as well. That Gaylord Carter "noise" is excellent and supports the film very well. I cherish all of my DVDs and blu-rays that feature that man's "noise."
Please let us know which dvd, blue-rays, laser discs have this man’s noise and whining scores on them.
I have quite a few now but a lot of the different formats don’t give him credit so it is very difficult to find them. Landmark lasers just copied older prints and don’t generally list or credit the scores. David Sheppard- Blackhawk films commissioned him as did Pickford and Paramount and a few other independents.
Harold Lloyd adored his scores and preferred them and numbers or carters scores exist for his films.

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