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PHE Press Release: Paramount Presents! Love Story (1970) (Blu-ray) (1 Viewer)

Noel Aguirre

Nov 28, 2011
New York City
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The wikiwebs say it was released in October 2020 and that was what the Google came up with. It also said that Warner Archives had offered an MOD-DVD ... I know I was one of the few who saw SLS via film projected on a HUGE screen in a near empty theatre the first Saturday after opening night :cool: ...
And? Was it unforgettable? We’re you mesmerized? Lol
It’s apparently 1 of 4 movies Roger Ebert ever walked out of. If that means anything.


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May 26, 2016
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And? Was it unforgettable? We’re you mesmerized? Lol
It’s apparently 1 of 4 movies Roger Ebert ever walked out of. If that means anything.
The fact that anyone would try to adapt the book was amazing. The fact that is wasn't as bad as it could have been was.

The DP was nominated for best cinematography by AMPAS. I'm sure the Neil Diamond Soundtrack album sold more units than tickets that were sold.

I'm not sure that someone who had not read the book would get it - but as film adaptations go, it was far closer to the book than other adaptations.

Was I expecting it to be Lawrence of Arabia? No, I had not seen Lawrence of Arabia.

I have never walked out of a theater for a film a I paid money to see. There were many times I wanted to walk out on a film, but this wasn't one of those films.

Back in the days before people were obsessed with checking their cellphone/facebook/tik-toc or whatever, some people would have discussions either in the lobby of the theater (we had COUCHES then :cool:) or afterwards elsewhere. I think this was intended to be one of those films. On that basis I found the film to be insightful.

When it comes to entertainment value, I would rely more on Ebert than on Siskel (Who gave it 1.5 Stars to Ebert's one star.)
Charles Champlin of the Los Angeles Times called it "a very beautiful and ingenious movie to look at"

Your opinion and mileage may vary and objects in the mirror - are merely reflections of themselves ...


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Jul 31, 2003
OK I just watched 'Love Story" for the first time on HBOMAX. All I can say is, Huh?
Its just one long cliché. Other than the hockey scenes that Carol Burnett parody told the whole movie story in 15 minutes. It wasn't even a parody, it was more a remake. It was the movie. Nothing happens. Has there ever been a movie where a young person was so accepting of dying when first told? That didn't happen to Bette Davis in "Dark Victory"


Jul 10, 2018
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vincent parisi
I still remember the huge lines in front of Loew's State in Times Square in the freezing January weather of '71. I thought how crazy.
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Apr 19, 2000
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If your A Spielberg or Scorsese ( or Lord forgive him Michael Bay) maybe you're right. But tell that to Terry Gilliam ...

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What a coincidence you should mention that when it was Arthur Hiller who ended up bringing the musical Man of La Mancha to the screen. At least it actually got finished. Walt Disney tried his hand at a movie based on Don Quixote and he, too, ended up merely tilting at windmills.

That's the irony in that movie being a flop while this was a hit: Paramount needed this movie because they were hurting financially from the money they lost on big-budget films such as Paint Your Wagon and On a Clear Day You Can See Forever*. The former went way over budget for various reasons that made the difference between profit and loss. The latter was gutted in post-production, and the missing scenes' whereabouts remain unknown. This cost about $2 million and made a 6181.82% return on its investment. You tell me which of those is going to get the red carpet rolled out for it.

And? Was it unforgettable? We’re you mesmerized? Lol
It’s apparently 1 of 4 movies Roger Ebert ever walked out of. If that means anything.
Interesting that he hated that movie when he loved Love Story.

*Which is probably also why Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory didn't get more of a promotional push from Paramount than it did when they owned it.
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