PHE Press Release: Leverage: The Second Season

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    [​IMG] [SIZE= 13pt]TNT’S HIT DRAMA STARRING ACADEMY AWARD® WINNER TIMOTHY HUTTON RETURNS FOR ANOTHER ACTION-PACKED SEASON [/SIZE] [SIZE= 31pt]LEVERAGE[/SIZE] [SIZE= 18pt]THE SECOND SEASON[/SIZE] [SIZE= 7pt] [/SIZE] [SIZE= 12pt]The Con is On May 25, 2010 as the Highly-Rated Drama Debuts on DVD[/SIZE] [​IMG] [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE]HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The riveting, clever and thoroughly entertaining series that The Hollywood Reporter called “a flashy hour of fun” returns for another round of righting wrongs whenLEVERAGE The Second Season arrives on DVD May 25, 2010 from Paramount Home Entertainment. TNT’s hit drama “Leverage” is averaging 4.4 million viewers and recently ranked as one of ad-supported cable’s top new original series of 2008-09. LEVERAGE stars Oscar®-winner Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People) as the leader of an elite team of thieves, hackers and con artists who act as modern day Robin Hoods by standing up for those who have been victimized by the rich and powerful. In the timely second season, the team takes on corrupt bankers, high fashion, the tabloid media and an old nemesis from their past. The show also stars Gina Bellman (“Coupling”), Christian Kane (“Into The West”), Beth Riesgraf (Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Aldis Hodge (“Friday Night Lights”). In addition, Jeri Ryan (“Star Trek: Voyager”) joins the cast as a special guest star in a continuing story arc as a temporary member of the team. “Leverage” returns to TNT this summer. [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE]The LEVERAGE The Second Season DVD includes all 15 episodes with audio commentary on every episode, a Q&A with the series’ creators, a set tour, a spoof video, the season two wrap party gag reel and behind-the-scenes featurettes. Arriving just in time for the return of season three, the four-disc set will be available for the suggested retail price of $39.99 U.S. [SIZE= 12pt] [/SIZE]LEVERAGE The Second Season is presented in widescreen with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround. Every episode includes audio commentary and the DVD disc breakdown is as follows: Disc One:
    • The Beantown Bailout Job
    • The Tap-Out Job
    • The Order 23 Job
    • The Fairy Godparents Job
    Disc Two:
    • The Three Days of the Hunter Job
    • The Top Hat Job
    • The Two Live Crew Job
    • The Ice Man Job
    Disc Three:
    • The Lost Heir Job
    • The Runway Job
    • The Bottle Job
    • The Zanzibar Marketplace Job
    Disc Four:
    • The Future Job
    • The Three Strikes Job
    • The Maltese Falcon Job
    Bonus Features:
    • The Creators of Leverage Q&A
    • John Rogers Set Tour
    • Behind the Boom Featurette
    • “The Hand Job” Spoof Video
    • Andy Lange Music Featurette
    • Season 2 Wrap Party Gag Reel
    LEVERAGE The Second Season Street Date: May 25, 2010 Pricing: $39.99 U.S. Runtime: Approx. 707 minutes U.S. Rating: Not Rated [​IMG]
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    No Blu-ray, no sale (same as season 1). Sorry, John Rogers.

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