Phase switch. 180 or 0 ?

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    Exactly what is the reason for the phase switch? What difference will there be if it is in 180 as opposed to 0? I'm a newcomer to owning sats and a sub, and would like to hear from experianced ht owners. The system that I have are the Infinity Entras.
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    Speakers make sound by moving a cone in and out creating a wave of sound. When all of your speakers push out at the same time and back in at the same time they are 'in phase'. 180 degrees is out of phase. When the rest of the speakers are pushing out, the sub's cone is going in. For normal speakers you want everything in phase. But for bass, the waves are so big funny things happen to them. If you have 2 subs at opposite sides of the room and both push out a wave at the same time, they will both reach the center and hit each other canceling the sound. This results in the effect of hearing no sound from the sub (You will get some sound, but it will be less. In a perfect world, you would actually hear nothing in the center.) so if you flip one sub out of phase, you get a push pull effect. If you only have one sub, it is not a big deal. See which sounds better. Even with one sub, the bass from the sub can interact with the main speakers.
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