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Jan 11, 2001
I recently went through Deepdiscountdvd.com's whole library of movies under $10, and I picked up a bunch of discs, one of which was MGM's Phantasm Special Edition.
I dont know how many of you are a fan of this movie or own the disc, but I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with this disc. I noticed on the back it has a copyright date of 1999, so Im assuming thats when MGM released this, and I think they did a pretty decent job at putting this on DVD considering all the flak they've caught for quality of their releases.
Im not an expert reviewer or anything, and I watch my movies on a less than top of the line 27" Zenith television, and I wanted to say that although the print is a bit dirty, its alot better than you would expect from a low budget 70s horror film. The colors are bright and dont appear to bleed. The movie has good dark scenes, although some appear to be brownish (but Im sure this is just due to the age of the film), and the overall picture quality is quite good.
The audio comes in the form of an English 5.1 remix, and I must say, this is one of the best 5.1 remixes from a mono soundtrack I've ever heard. The original mono is included for all you purists out there. The eerie music of the movie has alot of depth and atmosphere in 5.1 when it comes in, and there is quite a bit of ambient noise, from the echoing of the footsteps in the masoleum, to crickets in the nighttime shots. There is quite a bit of directionality considering this was originally mono. One scene that I remember in particular was when the kid was on his motorbike and he was riding through the cemetary, theres some good panning.
This is also an SE with some good special edition material. Theres a short intro by the actor who plays the Tall Man, several interviews with cast and crew, and a 15+ minute long featurette which consists of 8mm home video footage shot on the set of the movie with the director and one of the actors in the movie's commentary. There is a traditional commentary on the disc, but I didnt listen to it, so I dont know if its information/entertaining/etc. Theres also about 10 minutes worth of deleted scenes. Most of them are goofy including one where the two brothers get drunk and goto an ice cream shop and get into an ice cream fight. Theres also the obligatory trailer, and it comes with MGM's famous "collectable booklet".
I'd have to say, for a movie everyone can pick up for under $10, this is totally worth it, and if youre a fan of horror films and havent seen this disc, it is well worth the $10.
Too bad MGM is so inconsistent when it comes to their discs, because this disc is definitely Anchor Bay quality.


Mar 7, 1999
It's a pretty thorough treatment of the film. Too bad it isn't anamorphic.
Still worth a purchase though.

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