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Phantasm 2 & 3, Hellraiser 3 and more attention to the genre niches... (1 Viewer)


Aug 11, 2001
Hi people,
Would like to point to the studious who owns the rights to the above titles to consider their release/re-release and to get more attention to the genre niches. To the horror/cult-cinema niche actually - a LOT of people are interested in such genre movies and a lot of strange things are happening on this field. The most sad example of that is the Phantasm series of movies. Phantasm I & IV were released by MGM not so long time ago. BUT - Phantasm 2 and 3 are still not released (and seems that the studio which has the right (Paramaunt?) doesn't interested to release them at all). And sadly the second and the third installments of the series are my favorites
So - the question is - will Phantasm 2 and 3 be released in the future? Note to the studio which holds the rights to them - these movies has the really big following and their release on DVD in GOOD quality (which means widescreen anamorphic transfer of course :)) I am sure will result in big sales. Also - the boxset of all four would be cool (if you could make an agreement with MGM :)...
Now to Hellraiser III.
As all we know - the entire series were released on DVD - but the quality varies... The coolest effort was made by Anchor Bay with their release of Hellraiser/Hellraiser 2:Hellbound tin. Cool and quality releases. But the third part was released in bad quality by some small company - what is crap cause the movie is good enough to be released in much better quality with some supplements of course. So - the question is - will Hellraiser 3 be re-released by some bigger company with new anamorphic transfer and maybe some suppliments even or not? Anchor Bay - maybe you'll be able to get the rights and do this film RIGHT? Ohh well...
And now to DellaMorte DellaMore or Cemetery Man.
Most of horror and cult cinema fans know this wonderful movie starring Rupert Everett, and there is the European DVD of not so good quality. As far as I know, the American rights to this movie holds Fox. But seems that they doesn't even know that such a cult gem is getting dust on their shelves there! So - the question to Fox - are you going to release this title in the Region 1? Sales should be great as well

And finally - to the most sad topic of my long letter - to the "A Nightmare Before Christmas: SE" disk.
Most of you know this sad story, that Buena Vista decided to release the Special Edition of this wonderful cartoon using the same OLD NON-ANAMORPHIC and not perfect at all transfer they made back in 1997! What a shame! So - the question is easy - are you, Buena Vista, or maybe some other major studio, going to re-release this title in the brand new WIDESCREEN ANAMORPHIC transfer? Cause I am sure that a lot of people (like me) will NOT buy the present version just cause of the horrors of the transfer, and it is sad - cause the movie itself is terrific!
So - I'm finished :) Would be cool if at least one of my questions will be answered or some important information will be given :) Thanks and sorry for my poor english :>

Lafe F

Second Unit
Jan 20, 2001
Universal is the company responsible for Phantasm II & III. I've been screaming for these two Phantasm sequels on DVD since 1999. They need to release these movies. Maybe once Jurassic Park III is on the shelves, they'll have more time to create. Right now I'm suffering with my poor region 2 copies of those movies.
I was watching The Nightmare Before Christmas the other night, and its ratio is 1.66:1 (which means not too wide). The black bars on the top and bottom were not wasting too much space. It would benefit slightly from anamorphic enhancement, but it doesn't need it badly. I'm guessing that's probably why they didn't anamorph it. If you've got it; have a look.
Hellraiser III is a sad butchered p&s transfer from a Canadian company. For it's price - under $10, definitely worth having right now to fill in the missing Hell-hole on your DVD shelf. We were all thinking that Anchor Bay could do wonders with this title. They just have to secure the rights. Many people have asked them for this.
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Will K

Feb 6, 2001
These titles are always on my mind for DVD release. The Phantasm series definetly needs to be completed on DVD. Universal...hello? SE's would also be nice. I'm sure the director and cast would have no problem contributing. If not, please give them to Anchor Bay if you don't care about them.

Here we go with Hellraiser III. This appears to be a Paramount property, which presents a dilemma for horror fans and executives terrified of the current and very silly political climate. All the horror fans on this board are certainly aware of the struggle to get the proper versions of the Friday The 13th films on the market. Paramount released an unrated version of Hellraiser III on tape a few years ago, which leaves little excuse when it eventually arrives on DVD. On this one, I'd have to say no unrated / no sale.

Cematary Man. What can I say, I just love this one. A SE would be nice, but pigs will like grow wings first. Just because the head honchos at Fox aren't terribly familiar with this one doesn't mean it won't sell. Just check out that Terror Train thread. Bring it on!

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Ricky f

Supporting Actor
May 12, 2001
Phantasm 2 and 3 are available on region 2 but not very good quality.
As for Hellraiser, I would love to see an unrated version, once again there is this one version floating around which is uncut, I think it is German.
The future may bring some luck.
Please help convince Warner to release Stephen King's IT On DVD


Senior HTF Member
May 9, 2001
North Texas
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Coscarelli has said in several interviews that he has all kinds of stuff he could contribute to the Phantasm sequels. He said something about having behind-the-scenes material even better than the home movie they put on the Phantasm DVD. Plus, there are tons of deleted scenes for PIII. Universal doesn't seem to read this forum, but maybe somebody could start one of those "100+ signatures" posts. Or, maybe we could start writing.


Aug 11, 2001
Thanks all for your replies.
Now I know which studio holds the rights to which title. Actually - the idea said that Universal needs to give the rights for the proper DVD release of Phantasm 2 & 3 to Anchor Bay is a good suggestion, cause all we know the example with Army Of Darknes release by Anchor Bay. If only somebody have the right "connections" with some of AB's executives... Ohh well - we can dream - right?

Actually - it is sad news that Paramaunt holds the rights to Hellraiser III. Probably this title is not important to them and probably they won't release it soon. As about rated/unrated version of the movie - sadly I dunno which version I have seen on video, but can you, Will K, say me about the differences? What scenes/moments were cut from the Unrated version of the film to get the R rating? I am asking just if the cuts are not so important (as it is with the R-rated version of A Nightmare on Elm Street 5) then maybe let's hope for the good video/audio quality release from Paramaunt - even if rated? I hate the cuts in any way of course - but if there are no other chances... Why not to give it a try?
And as about A Nightmare Before Christmas - I do not own the disk cause of the reviews I've read online. And most of the reviews says that the video presentation (read - transfer) of the movies is not so good at all. And even while the film was shot in 1.66:1 - the new anamorphically enchanced high quality transfer will improve the quality if not dramatically, then at least noticeble :) And within 2-4 years when the Plasma panels (or something else, maybe) will drop the prices and becomes the usual video setup for most homes - your non-anamorphic titles will look terrible. So - why to spend the money on the bad transfer now if in not so distant future you won't be able to enjoy the movie? So - the disk should be re-released in anamorph I think.
Btw - does the employees of the companies mentioned above - Paramaunt, Universal, Anchor Bay and Fox - read this forum or not? Are there any chances that our desires for the titles/releases be heard by the companies? Any info on that topic? :)

Wes Ray

Supporting Actor
May 11, 2001
Hellraiser III Uncut came up quite a bit in the Paramount Poll here a while back, so we may end up seeing it eventually. Although, with Paramount's current stance on uncut DVDs, I doubt it'll make it to DVD uncut like the fans want.


Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2001
Well i haven't seen Hellraiser 3 in a long time,but the unrated version does come on Cinemax btw-so check it out if you can't find the unrated version around your area.
From what i remember being different from the R version which i saw first..........
All the gore is much more graphic
When that one girl gets her skin ripped off & sucked into the "art piece"(that thing Pinhead is entrapped in). In the R version she gets sucked in fast within seconds that you barely see what happens. Unrated-she slowly gets pulled in screaming & crying with horror.
The Boiler Room club massacre is a hell of alot gorier.People get hooked,flung through the air,ripped apart,sliced up ect.
The rest of the gore scenes are graphic as well.
Also theres a good & important plot point scene where Terry Farrel & that one girl break into the "art" shop that the club owner bought that piece discovering some info & find out the buildings been closed for years.
Unrated is the only way to for on this movie. It's not a couple seconds that may hardly make a difference added, it's over 5mns of cut/censored scenes.
R rated- 91mn
Unrated- 97mn


Aug 11, 2001
Thanks Christina - really nice explanation! Seems that I've seen unrated version and I don't like to see the R-rated - 5 mins of cuts is a way TOO MUCH for the gore movie like this. Ohh well - let's hope it will be re-released by someone, maybe in Europe in good quality (and in PAL damnit - what guarantees higher resolution
) and without censors cuts
Hopes, hopes...

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