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Peter Tribeman reports on SW2:ATOC (1 Viewer)

Patrick R. Sklenar

Second Unit
Jan 25, 2000
I just received the following email from Peter Tribman of Atlantic Technologies & Outlaw Audio. He asked me to post it here ...
For those of you who read Harry Knowles review, he was right. This is a great narrative it makes you feel like Episode 1, never had to be made. Mrs. Outlaw, who never saw that disaster after the bad press, totally picked up on the character of Anakin Skywalker: half teenager, half adult who has trouble controlling his emotions, instincts, and temper. That is not good for a Jedi. You can sense that his impatience and confusion with all things of order and honor are just starting to blur the differences between good and evil as a character, he is far more complex and interesting than the son he will have.
Natalie Portman’s character turns out to be more gutsy and physical then you ever imagined. You can see where Princess Leia got her feistiness.
The narrative in this film takes on a Shakespearean like tale character of a complicated mosaic of intrigue and betrayal. And again, what is good, evil, and pragmatic, start to blur and confuse.
Will I go again? I am a member of the THX TAP program. I get paid to check out new releases in both their visual and acoustic presentation and then file reports to Lucasfilm. Because of this, when Episode 1 came out I had to sit through it three times. That was pushing it. By comparison, Episode 2 is something I would see at least twice more just to catch every nuance. This could be a billion-dollar release. It’s that good and that attractive to a wide demographic, as opposed to Episode one.
Now I will let Ron fill you in on the important details. And remember - All of this is just my opinion.
Here is a scan of his ticket to prove to me that he really was there. The dog. :)

Michael St. Clair

Senior HTF Member
May 3, 1999
It's nice to see an advance review by somebody who may be a Star Wars fan but is obviously not a drooling fanboy (like you get at AICN).

I am hopeful for this film, and that this time we won't have a lot of 'second thoughts' reviews after the hype dies down.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 11, 2001
Thanks for posting it Pat. That's great news indeed. I'll hope for more positive reviews. I look forward to what I hope is a very positive review from Ron.

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