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Shayne Judge

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2000
Looking for some opinions on the Limited Edition releases of some of their older albums, especially Behavior, my favorite album. I noticed that the LE's have bonus cd's. What I am most interested in is did they remaster the original album or not?

Also, any opinions on the DVD Montage? I have Somewhere and thought it was absolutely horrid.

andrew markworthy

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 1999
The Montage DVD isn't all that thrilling, but I personally think that the band were at a fairly low creative ebb at this point (I also don't v. much like the Discovery video). Having said that, I personally liked the 'Somewhere' disc. The show was very pared-down (I know, I saw it, sitting in the seat behind Elton John, of all people) and the video footage tends to reflect that - it's not as colourful or lively as e.g. Performance. Icidentally, what isn't v. clear from the DVD of Somewhere is that the boys remained incredibly in synch with the actions taking place in the filmed backdrops.

Incidentally, according to the replies Neil and Chris have given to email queries on the PSB website, DVDs of the other concerts are on their way. Performance (I was at one of the concerts they filmed for that one) would benefit from a DVD remastering and I'm hoping that the DVD of MCM... [whatever the rest is] will show the entire concert rather than just the highlights.

The reissues of the early albums are worth getting for the bonus discs and the sleeve notes alone. I *think* they're remastered. Certainly they sound cleaner than the original releases.


Supporting Actor
Mar 9, 2002
The recent re-releases are superb; well worth owning even if you own the original albums.

The remasters sound pretty close to the original albums (which were ADD or DDD, anyway). But the extra material, in the form of booklets and extra mixes or studio takes, is staggeringly good. So much, in fact, that I own every album *and* every re-release up to "Behaviour" (I haven't liked PSB as much as I did like them back in the early '90s).

Well worth owning.

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