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Pet droppings and roomates (1 Viewer)

Jon D

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Sep 29, 2000
Okay, so my roomates' various animals aren't as 'housetrained' as I was lead to believe. I'm always finding various peices of shit and/or puke everywhere. Lately I've gotten into the habit of wrapping it into a paper towel (if it's not too bad) and sticking it in front of their door. I'm sick of finding this crap everywhere, and it seems the only way of sticking it to them, especially since they don't seem too inclined to do anything when I mention it. Who's has other annoying roomate stories? Share the misery.
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Kirk Gunn

Aug 16, 1999
I had a similar problem with a roomate in college when I moved into an apartment. He was a loser and I was a fool for moving in there... He left 6 months later... and left the cat with the other guy !!!!
Leave... NOW !!!! It will not get better.


Jun 12, 1999
I'd be willing to bet, that if you went to one of these persons homes they were raised in, you'd find the same kind of nastiness there. Persons raised in this shit have no consideration for those who prefer a pet-shit free life.
It is sad, but there seems to be no sense of hygiene concerning pets among a certain group of people. And they don't mind forcing others to put up with it. The only way to deal with it is to avoid these people and certainly DON'T EAT AT THEIR HOMES....
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Ryan Wright

Jul 30, 2000
Donny nailed it on the head. These people were most likely raised in filth.
I have a dog, but if you came to my house you'd never know it. We vaccumn constantly to keep the hair off the carpet & furniture, and she gets a weekly bath so she - and our house - doesn't stink (just gave her a bath last night in fact). She has a doggy door and does all of her business outside; we leave her out of her cage 24/7 and have zero problems with her. Note that it took a lot of time and training! When she was younger we had to keep her in a kennel at night and when we were gone so she wouldn't poop on the floor or tear things up. Now, she's almost perfect.
As for the roommate. Is this your house? If so, I'd give them two weeks to get rid of the animals or find another place to live. If it's not your place, move, and make sure there is either a "no pets" policy, or that the future roommates are clean freaks and have properly trained pets.
-Ryan (http://www.ryanwright.com )
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Ted Lee

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May 8, 2001
boy...don't get me started. damn! too late! here goes:
i had roomates for about two years. they both got new cats and dogs. the kicker is they never even asked me if it was okay to bring home a pet. anyway...
let's start with the cat:
the cat itself was pretty cool except the daughter (who "owned" the cat) NEVER cleaned the litter. so what's the damn cat gonna do? go somewhere where the litterbox isn't so full of poop and pee. guess where that twice turned out to be? my closet. once on my comforter and once on some brand new clothes i had on the floor waiting to be washed! i was steaming hot! let's just say i gave that cat one VERY good thrashing.
then they decided to get two dogs:
  • housetraining: hell no. those dogs went everywhere. it was ridiculous.
  • the garage incident: for a while, when it was raining they were letting the dogs sleep in the garage. now i'm cool with that but the dogs also pooped and pissed in there. the roomies never cleaned it up. my bedroom was on the first floor, right next to the garage entrace. the smell got so bad i had to complain to them. they finally cleaned it up. this happened at least twice
  • the garage incident (pt. 2): their damn dog knocked over something that put a dent in the fender of my car. i was super-heated! but hell, they didn't have no money and i knew asking them to pay for it was useless
  • the back-yard: do i even have to tell you. the smell got so bad i couldn't even open the back sliding-glass door
i can tell you that is the last time i had roomates. if i ever get another roomate you can make sure i'm putting my foot down before any animal gets in that house. i'm not against pets at all (i hope to have a pet of my own someday when i'm not living in a small apartment) but i certainly will make sure any roomie acts responsibly this time.
i just don't get why anyone would want a pet and then not act responsibly towards them and considerately towards others.
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Trace Downing

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Aug 19, 1999
Tampa Bay
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Trace Downing
Here's a humble little suggestion.
Buy some Tollhouse morsels, melt them, and pour them over the doodoo. Then place them in a candy dish on the coffee table.
Go down the hall, and peek around the corner and watch.
Roomate problem solved!

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Henry Carmona

Feb 7, 2000
San Antonio
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Henry Carmona
OH GOD! I dont mind pets, but dammit keep your house clean!!!
The problem is that i think pet owners become oblivious to the smell after a while and cant even smell it.
I walk in and the whole house smells like dog, or cat.
Then they wonder why i rarely visit!
Im no pro, but i bet theres a way to own a pet and keep your home smelling fresh and keep hair from becoming part of the furniture.
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