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    First and foremost, I am printing this only as a REVIEW for this product... Not to begin another heated debate on which competing company offers the most superior product, nor to discriminate against the cost and charges incurred to produce and market said items.

    As most of you know I have worked hard on our "Terminator/Industrial" themed theater, justly named the Cyberdyne Cinema. As one of the final perks to the theater I have been auditioning various custom made HT introduction DVD's. I have spoken with CustomHT and DigitalForge about making our custom disc, as well as brainstorming with both about specific design ideas I had in mind. Both were very quick to respond to my calls and emails, and both have wonderful products to offer. At this point I have only ordered from Don Holland at CustomHT, but fully intend to also order a disc from DigitalForge this fall. Then I will provide my review of their product as well.

    After receiving the CustomHT demo disc by mail for $5.00, which was accompanied with a $20.00 rebate, I watched each of the five Intro Styles and the two Trivia Styles in which to choose from several times. I finally narrowed down my choice to the "LiveFootage Style" and then selected the "Industrial Triva" package. This package cost is $99.00. I chose the "LiveFootage" intro because it was very professional looking, matter of fact, I believe I have seen this same intro on the A&E channel many times. The "Industrial Trivia" package was an easy choice as it matched our HT decor to a tee, featuring steel girders and metal graphics during it's countdown.

    As well as the mentioned features, Don has created some very nice and interesting Custom Add-Ons. These are the ability to add a Professional Announcer Package to your disc. For an additional $50.00 a Movie Trailer Announcer will introduce the name of your HT, plus announce to everyone to please turn off their cell phones and beepers, he then will also request that your audience relax, sit back and enjoy the show....then as a finale he will introduce your HT name again with the feature presentation.

    The next Custom Add-On is the very cool Movie Poster Packages. These range from $25.00 to $100.00. You may pick from 5 to 20 of your favorite movie posters and have them displayed on the screen between trivia questions and the animated commercials. This was one package I was going to skip on....but glad I didn't. Here's why.

    On Don's Demo Disc I wasn't real impressed with the music that was being played during the poster presentations. Some seemed out of sync, while some of the music just didn't "feel" right with the type of poster shown. Well, when talking with Don he suggested I add some posters to my disc. He also said I would be allowed to "swap" some of the trivia questions and replace them for posters. He then added he had changed the music to the actual musical score for the poster shown. WOW! I thought that would be perfect. Don also explained he had created a very neat intro for the "Matrix" poster that showed the falling green numbers on the screen with the "Matrix" score playing...then from the falling lettering random letters boldly appear to spell "NOW PLAYING"...then the "Matrix" poster appears...all with the Matrix Theme playing!

    With the addition of the new movie soundtracks, and being able to exchange some trivia for posters at no additional charge I was sold on the idea. As for the posters, I chose "Matrix", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", "StarWars", "John Carpenter's: The Thing" and ..of course..."Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines". These all are presented on the screen while the announcer says "Now Playing"...except for "StarWars" which the announcers proclaims "Coming Soon"..since we know "StarWars" has not yet come to DVD!

    Another thing I was very hopeful for was having the font used in our HT presentation to resemble something industrial, metal looking. Don was quick to say he could come up with something that would work. What he ended up doing on our disc was to make the font match our Aluminum Diamond Tread Plating that we have used in the Cyberdyne Cinema. This blew me away that he made a perfect match to our personal decor. This was EXACTLY what I had in mind all along!

    Now, the next thing Don did for us REALLLLYYY blew me away!

    He knew about our Terminator motif, and knew what the Cyberdyne Cinema was all about. He then suggested something that he was experimenting with. Something that would put the word "custom" into CustomHT. He suggested having the announcers voice actually be a professional impersonation of...YEP!...ol' Arnold Schwarzenegger himself! NO WAY! I thought! Don had done this once before for another client, and was deciding to use various celebrity voice impersonations as part of his Announcer Package. He can even have the voice sync'd to an animated version of the celebrity speaking. This he snuck in on my disc when The Terminator suddenly appears and says in Arnold's distinct voice..."HEAR ME NOW...BELIEVE ME LATER...TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES AND BEEPERS...OR I WILL BE BACK...TO TERMINATE YOU!!! HASTA LA VISTA...BAYYBEE!" Now you tell me, how cool is that??? Arnold's voice is heard at various times throughout the intro. In the beginning after the LiveFootage is shown and the Mortensen Cyberdyne Cinema signage appears...Arnold says," WELCOME TO THE MORTENSEN CYBERDYNE CINEMA...SHOWTIME IS IN TEN MINUTES!" Then the trivia begins. Then later Arnolds voice commands, "THE MORTENSEN CYBERDYNE CINEMA WANTS YOUS TO SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY THE SHOW...NOWWW!" while an animated PopCarn Box and Soda Cup are relaxing in their HT with remote in hand. My wife loves that part! Then after the 10 minute countdown has concluded the LiveFootage intro is repeated as is Arnold's voice proclaiming our cinema...then there is a slight pause, which is a great cue to dim the house lights..then an animated film reel appears and a Feature Presentation signage appears with Arnold saying, "AND NOW THE MORTENSEN CYBERDYNE CINEMA PROUDLY PRESENTS OUR FEECHURE PREZENTASHUN! I just think that the effort to record a dead-on personation of Schwarzenegger is out rageous, and I can hardly wait to show it off to others!

    The disc arrived today, about four days earlier than I expected with all the additional special customizing that was necessary. I have viewed it several times...and it gets better each time I watch it. Once you put the disc in to the player you get a short menu. Basically you can choose from the FULL VERSION or the SHORT VERSION of your intro. The Full Version plays the entire 10 min countdown...trivia...posters...commercials, etc. The Short Version skips the posters and trivia and allows for a quick intro to your feature presentation. Recorded at High-Bit resolution video and in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio...the disc is no less than stunning. The transactions from trivia to the commercials to the posters is perfect and near seamless, the music accompanying the trivia is upbeat and very professional. The newly added graphics and special effects during the "Feature Presentation" and poster segments are outstanding.

    In customer service, I give Don at CustomHT a hearty applause. He met and even exceeded my expectations for a $129.00 completely custom DVD for our cinema. He listened to my descriptions, asked questions for specifics and did his best to meet what I described...and did so!

    Here is the Cyberdyne Cinema Custom Disc breakdown:


    TOTAL $132.85

    If you are considering a CustomHT disc, I recommend you add the Announcer package..this will put the extra "WOW!" into your movie showing!

    The custom packages and alterations I made for our intro disc was perfect for us. I now look forward to doing an exciting project with DigitalForge, so that we will have two completely different versions to present to unsuspecting visitors of the Cyberdyne Cinema.

    As a footnote. CustomHT will be adding a sixth version of their custom discs. This will be the new "WESTERN STYLE". Soooo, if you want a good ol' cowboy feel to your theater with none other than, say maybe, John Wayne, the Duke himself to introduce your theater...go for it!


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    Wow,thanks for the review darren, the discs sound excellent! I sure wish i had the cash to invest in one of these discs! [​IMG]

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