Perforated screen with Marantz VP12 S1?? Help!!

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    I am planning to buy the Marantz VP12s1 as my first front projector. The screen I am thinking of was the Firehawk, but it doesn't come in a microperf screen. Stewart screens tells me there have been problems with DLP projectors and perforated screens with "streaking artifacts". Anyone out there have any experience with this. Also am I better off with a studiotek 130??


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    I have a Stewart Grayhawk screen 180" 16:9 with the microperf holes. My main projector is a D-ILA, and I don't have any moire problems with it viewing full screen.

    But I do also have a NEC LT-150 DLP FPTV (which is great) and at certain image sizes I can clearly see moire interference patterns between the pixel gap and the perforations. You can slightly defocus the picture to reduce the effect, or make the image much larger or smaller to get outside of the interference zone (roughly 90"-130" diag).
    Also, the effect is probably accentuated with the higher gain Firehawk screen.

    If you are planning on a pull down screen, I think that they make some with an accoustically transparent black leader section at the bottom of the screen to hide your center speaker behind.

    I love my perforated screen, but I'd pass on the perforated version when getting a LCD or DLP projector. The sound localization is not bad at all with the center channel below (or above the screen), and the regular screen is cheaper too.


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