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Perforated Screen Question PLEASE HELP!!! (1 Viewer)


Jan 5, 2003
I'm getting ready to build a dedicated home theater room and have been thinking of all the different ways I'd like to do this. (It seems alittle overwhelming at times to say the least) I'm having problems deciding what type of screen I want (fixed or motorized, perforated or not) I'll definitely be going with a screen that has 16:9 aspect ratio though. My question is..... Is it possible to have a motorized screen that drops from the ceiling and be perforated too? Would light shine thru the holes and onto the front wall? One setup option I'm thinking of is this..........svs ultras in the front corners...front left and right about six feet apart and have the center channel on a speaker stand. This way, when I wanna watch a movie I can have the screen come down in front of the speakers and if I just wanna listen to music and such I can retract the screen. Does anyone know if this would work? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Hamilton

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Dec 30, 2002
Perforated screens in many ways are the least desirable for a few reasons, one of which you already mentioned.
Light going through the perforations lowers Contrast ratio, and if you are using a fixed pixel device, the perfs can introduce moire if lined up right. The wall behind the screen must be absolutely black without anything that will reflect light back through the screen in a patterned shape.

While there are some applications for perfed screens, if you are able to design a theater from scratch, it is best to use a screen matched perfectly to your chosen display device and work from there.

Neil Joseph

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Jan 16, 1998
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Neil Joseph
A separation of only 5-6 feet is very close (too close) for your front speakers. For good split fronts, I would recommend something closer to 9-10ft. This would allow you to have the speakers to the sides of a reasonably sized screen, for example, my screen is 96" diagonal and 7ft wide and there is lots of room for speakers to the sides. Moire is a potential problem when mixing digital projectors and perfed screens.

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