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Pegasus: Tivo / HDTV Questions

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Dave Schofield, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Dave Schofield

    Dave Schofield Second Unit

    Sep 30, 1999
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    I live in a relatively rural area and therefore fall under the umbrella of Pegasus for DirecTV service. I haven't had many complaints about Pegasus (aside from adding ~$2/month for absolutely no reason) but now I'm looking to expand my horizons and am getting the itch for two items that are completely foreign to me...:

    1. Tivo Service. Is it possible to upgrade to DirecTIVO under the Pegasus umbrella. I cannot find any information how I might do this. The satellite field is so focused on new subscribers that upgrader, such as myself, feel a bit left out. Can I go to Best Buy and pick up a DirecTV Tivo unit and install it myself? If anyone could direct me to a page explaining it (I won't be offended if its title "Upgrading for Dummies").

    2. DirecTV HD programming. I am ready to take the plunge for an HDTV very soon. My Sony Wega is the weak link in my system and instead of going for a RP or bigger CRT regular TV I'd like to look at a few HD models. However, I don't know how DirecTV works with HD. Do you subscribe to an extra pack and receive all of the normal channel in addition to the HD channels? How much does this add-on cost? Can I just get ESPN and/or HBO? Or will I end up watching ABC/NBC/CBS OTA all of the time regardless? Then, as in #1, how does Pegasus figure into the equation? I have been looking at Pegasus' site and, according to them, HDTV does not exist. I haven't been able to find a single reference to HDTV anywhere on their site (though the fact that their site hasn't been updated for a few years should probably be a giveaway...)

    So, any Pegasus (and/or DirecTV, of course) subscribers out there that can help me out will be very much appreciated.

    Finally, DISH always seems more "up" on the technology, at least at the dealers in this area. Would it be worth switching? My contract is up relatively soon, so it wouldn't be a problem to switch.

  2. Robert_J

    Robert_J Lead Actor

    Aug 22, 2000
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    1. You can upgrade to Tivo. Go to Tivo Community and search the DirecTV section for Pegasus information. A lot of people over there have upgraded and they can relate their experiences.
    2. The HD pack is $10.99/month. Minimum programming package is Total Choice. You must subscribe to HBO to get HBO HD, same with Showtime. Neither of their channels are part of the HD package. HD football is part of the Sunday Ticket unless it's the special game that the NFL channel shows weekly. This may be a little different since Pegasux is re-selling the programming.

    Finally, DISH always seems more "up" on the technology In what way? I switched to Dish for 18 months for their Dishplayer and HD 6000 receiver. I was disappointed with both and went back to DirecTV for their Tivo. I will be a DirecTV customer as long as they support the DirecTivo. It has changed the way I watch TV.


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