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    I'm intersted in getting a pedometer to measure steps, distance and maybe calories.

    There are so many on the market, any suggestions in what to look for?

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    I would guess that an important thing with pedometers is just their comfort and accuracy over your walking/running style. They have to have enough power so the magnet is picked up by the receiver or else you're accuracy is shot.

    Comfort as in they shouldn't weight too much and shouldn't be felt too much when walking. I can't imagine their calorie counter can be that accurate cause I wonder how would it know if you're walking uphill or down. And even then, your stride can change when walking up or down a hill.

    I've seen them before because I've done some charity 5k runs and they sometimes advertise there but have never actually tried one. I imagine it's somewhat similar to a bike computer where you have the circumference of the wheel and a counter to count the revolutions. Except the magnet would be on your shoes and you'd have to have a good average stride.

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    hi michelle -
    welcome to htf! you'll find lots of cool people here...hope you stay a while! [​IMG]
    most of the pedometers i've seen require you to calibrate it in some way. usually you walk a certain number of steps, then measure the distance. that value is input into the pedometer and you're good to go.
    some models have the display on the top...others on the front. the top display models may be easier to look at while you're walking.
    click here to see a couple of different models available from REI.
    hope that helps...
    [edit] - here's some more models from sport-mart.

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