Pearl Harbor playback problems

Discussion in 'DVD' started by John_F, Jul 14, 2003.

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    My brother recently borrowed my "Pearl Harbor, 60th anniversary Commemorative Edition" DVD and said he had problems playing disc 1 starting in chapter 17 (he has a panasonic A110). I watched in on my Panny CP72 and also had problems starting in chapter 17, 1:07:49; the player just froze and I had to unplug the player to eject the disc. I had to start several chapters later, and would still get lockups and pixelation thruout the rest of disc 1.
    I examined the disc, it didn't look dirty, but cleaned it anyway: no difference.

    I tried playing the disc on my Toshiba player, and it played fine (there was a slight pause at the same point, but I assume it was a layer change). There were a couple of cases of very slight pixelation. If I play the disc on my computer, I also have problems (when I fast forward, the image freezes and playback eventually stops).

    Is anyone else having problems playing this disc?

    John Flegert
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    Nope, looks like you have disc rot.

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