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    Hopefully this Hasn't already been addressed somewhere, I tried searching for it. I have two GTX 260 Core 216's in SLI and I am trying to run HDMI to tv which is a Mitsubishi 52HM84. When I connect the tv with the DVI - HDMI adapter, in the display properties the tv is shown conected and working. I have the latest NVidia drivers, 197 I think. I've tried all the different possible resolutions. I've tried cloning and extending. Everything I have tried shows no picture, not even a flicker on the TV. And yes there is a checkmark in the "use these displays" box. I tried to use the TVtool, but I got the famous "tvtool was unable to start the NT service..." I'm running windows 7 if that matters. I just can't figure out why if it's an HDMI output there is no picture on the TV. I've verified that the cable isn't broken by hooking it up to the blu-ray player. Anyone have a clue? Also I have the main display plugged into the top card, closest to the motherboard. And the tv plugged into the port away from the motherboard. In the HDCP box it shows that the tv is capable.

    I have an idea of another option but have no clue if it's a possible. I don't understand what the output is out of the computer, but as long as the feed matches up to whatever a Blu-Ray Player or DVR is it should work, right? So is there a seperate video card I could add into my machine just to be able to watch movies from my pc on my TV through HDMI? I have no idea what I would be looking for.
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    I ran into the issue with my ATI that I had to use the DVI to HDMI that they supplied in order to get the video on my set. Is the DVI to HDMI dongle the one that was supplied with the GTX's or another company? With my ATI I tried using a DVI to HDMI cable and other DVI to HDMI dongles and none would work except for the one that came with the video card.
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    If your PC has HDMI output, that means that the onboard graphics are enough to display HDMI. When I first installed Windows 7 and hooked up HDMI I had no sound. Updating Windows 7 solved that problem so I recommend updating EVERYTHING just in case.

    On many PC's they cannot display HDMI and DVI simultaneously - only one or the other so if you have a main display through DVI it's possible you cannot display HDMI at the same time.
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    I think it kinds difaults to the higher spec connector. I tried connecting a VGA onto a set then connected an HDMI on it too. Both worked on its on but when together , the HDMI displayed.

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