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PC Speakers: Any Decent Ones Out There?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Angelo.M, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. Cary_K

    Cary_K Auditioning

    Jan 25, 2003
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    "Man, virtually all computer speakers sound like garbage"

    you're not going to find any multimedia speakers that come close to hifi. my swan m200's (2.0) come pretty close to mid-fi though; but they're a little out of your price range ($200-$250). the only thing better out there would be the discontinued 2.1 sirocco crossfires - but they were mighty pricey in their day (around $900) and you'd have to live in england if you ever hoped to find a used set. given your price limitations, i'd second the klipsch 2.1's - definitely the best value, and great bass extension; the planar 9's are a really decent value too - very musical, especially if you're into acoustic guitar, female vocals, and the like.

    if you're really serious about your sound and you don't mind sticking to a 2 channel system, you might want to seriously consider buying a used nad amp and just pairing it with a pair of ba a-40's, or something similar - can easily be done for around the same price as the klipsch, and you'd still be getting pretty close to 50 hz... and the good thing about a decent used amp is you don't need to break it in, and you can still use it as you upgrade your speakers later on...


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