pc & pc speakers emitting high pitch whine

Discussion in 'Computers' started by John*Jones, May 10, 2003.

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    Jun 4, 2002
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    hey all, i was hoping someone might help me with an annoying little problem i've been having with my computer.

    i've gone to great lengths to silence the loud components of my pc (psu fan, case fans, cpu fan and gpu fan). while this attempt has been quite successful, it has exposed other noises my pc has been making that had been previously drowned out. notably, my speakers emit feedback/whine when the volume is turned up not even half-way. this same problem is even more noticeable when i plug a decent pair of headphones, via a small amp, into my sound card.

    in addition to this the computer itself is making a very high pitch sound as well. the strange thing is that while using the scroll button on my old logitech wireless mouse to scroll through webpages, the sound would drop out with every other scroll click. anyway, i've attempted to unplug and turn-off everything plugged into my pc in hopes of finding something...but with no luck.

    my pc is located in the corner of my room and isn't close to any other source beyond the components of my pc, which i'll list below.

    surely i'm missing something fairly obvious, but right now i'm clueless.

    pc specs:

    A7V8X Deluxe
    AMD 2700+
    2 X 512mb PC2700 Corsair XMS
    ATI AIW 9700
    WD 80gb SE
    Lite-On 52 52x24x52 CDRW
    Toshiba 8x DVD
    Audigy Gamer Soundcard
    Lian-Li PC-12
    Logitech MX700
    Eluminx keyboard
    Creative Soundworks DTT2200 5.1
    Dell 2100FP monitor
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    Im not sure but it could be a ground loop problem. However ground loop tone is usualy not high pitched. Is your computer grounded? Using all 3 prongs not just one of those 3 to 2 prong converters? Are your speakers plugged into the same stip as the computer itself?

    If your sure your getting a good ground and the speekers are plugged into the same outlet strip as your computer this probably ins't your problem but i thought i would mention it.

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