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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by JasonLa, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I hope this is an appropriate place for this. I'm planning to get a DVD burner for my pc and with all the brands, speeds, OEM, and retail drives out there I find myself wondering what would be best to get. I currently have an ASUS CD-RW drive 52x24x52x and it has performed very well for me. My dad also has a little slower ASUS drive. Aside from that my only experience with brands is an HP external I had when RW drives were relatively new, but it failed just past the warranty and I was disapointed with that.

    Any info would be apreciated.
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    I think you'll get more and better responses in the Computer and HT PC area of the forum than here, which is really dedicated to stand-alone DVRs and DVD recorders. You might want to ask a mod to move it.

    In general DVD drives are becoming commodities. The technology of recordable DVD is maturing and pretty much any brand will do a decent job for you. Write speeds are like EPA car mileage estimates - they represent a theorectical maximum the drive can handle, but usually the number aren't anything you'll see in the real world since memory, processor speed and the nature of the material being encoded will have far more to do with how long it takes to burn a DVD than the physical speed. I have a couple of internal and external drives on two computers for digital video projects.

    My most recent addition is an HP dual-layer drive with LightScribe for burning monochrome labels directly onto specially made DVD blanks. It was an internal drive that I got for a good price after a mail-in rebate from Office Depot. I took an older dual-layer external drive out of its case, replaced it with the HP, and then installed the old drive as an internal drive on my sister's PC. So she got a free DVD burner added to a PC that had only a CD-RW drive and I got a handy external drive for a lot less than retail.

    Try to figure out what you're going to use the drive for, and shop from there. You can pick up a single-layer internal drive that will record to all formats for around $40 to $50, and that includes brand names if there's a rebate involved. If that's all you need, there's no reason not to buy one of those drives. I'd get the fastest listed speed I could find at a given price point, but wouldn't go crazy about it.


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    My daughter bought me a pack of Memorex 16x DVD-Rs for my birthday, and they wouldn't work in my PCs NEC 4x DVD burner. As happenstance would have it the CD burner died in the same PC. What an opportunity to replace that drive! Never let a bay go unfilled is my motto. Now there's the new Pioneer DVD-R100 dual layer drive in there, and it is superb. Comes with a great set of software as well. Can be had for under $70 after rebate. Oh, and it writes to those 16x discs. Now if only those dual layer discs would get cheap fast.
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    Sony Internal DVD+/-R/RW Drive

    Thats what I have and its great.

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