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Discussion in 'Computers' started by bartste, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Apr 5, 2004
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    I really want to move away from my Sony 200 cd changer and move all my cd's to a PC tied back into my Home Theater. I'm about to order a new Dell PC with the XP media edition, as my home computer (2.8ghz/800mhz front bus speed with 120gb hard drive), but also want to utilize it as my Storage device and playback device for my CD's. I want the sorting and cataloging capabilities that come with storing all the music in one place. This brings me to my list of questions.

    1. I want the display to feed into my Reciever and use the video switching to allow me to sort and select music on my 50" tv screen. Can a PC be set up to allow the Jukebox software only to display on the tv output at the computer while the standard CRT displays other computer work. (surfing the web, using word, etc.)? I guess having two video cards will allow this but I'm not sure. I really hate those small screens on all the devices on the market. They don't allow you to see much data at one time.

    2. Is there software that will allow me to connect my Sony CD changer to the computer and allow the cd's to be burned automatically or will I have to do them one at the time through the computer's disk drive? I have 200, so it would be time consuming otherwise. Not a problem, just looking for an easier way!

    3. What is the best playback and music management software for doing this?

    I appreciate any help I can get on this.
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    I have some ideas on the subject, but I've never done it (yet) so I won't offer any advice as it may prove incorrect.

    However, I would like to mention one thing: You should consider putting your audio on a separate HD from your system. This would prevent something like a virus from wiping out your hours of work. Also, if you're like me (most are not) you like to format your system drive every 12 months or so to keep things running smoothly. If that is the case for you, you definitely need it on a separate drive.

    You could use that 120GB drive for music and pick up a 20-40GB drive really cheaply for the system.
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    Jan 18, 2004
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    Here's some thoughts concerning my pc juke box
    I am running a HP521n, and I have added more ram (total of 512) and I have added a sound card (STAudio 7.1), and I have also added a second hard drive for my music library (200gb)
    I have over 1700 lp's that I'm in the process of putting on the second hard drive
    I use DiamondCut 5 to do the recording and editing of the lp's ( I have friends , that just can't believe that the cdr's they are listening to, came from lp's ) sorry... I digress .
    The soundcard i bought has a multitude of inputs and outputs, plus a pre-amp built in and a headphone jack . The inputs and outputs on this card are both RCA / Optical.
    I have the output of the card (one of the opticals ) going to my receiver , I use win-amp as the player, and I just import the songs from the hard drive . . . the hard drive I use for the music library has two folders 1. containing the finished wave files (songs) and 2. a folder that I save the songs to , before I move them to the main folder, this way I can print out my additions to the main folder , and then add them to my data base at my leisure.
    As for Your first question, I would suppose a dual output video card would allow You to send certain programs to the CRT . . . just as if the CRT was a second monitor.

    Question 2 , IMHO , this would be more of a hardware issue, as in as much , that You need to have the appropriate
    inputs and outputs on your soundcard ( and believe me...there are many different soundcards out there...all meeting the users needs, to one degree or another)
    I searched many different forums, before I made the choice I did,and I'm happy.

    Question 3 , I don't have any links for You, however , there are some shareware and free programs out there that will allow You to manage and play your music . A google search for " Home Recording " " Burning Music " " Ripping Music" will bring forth a plethora of sites to wander through.

    I just hooked up the PC monday to my home stereo system , it dawned on me... I could hook up the pc to my receiver via the optical inputs. I found two 12' tos cables and a union for them ( my pc is 20' away from my stereo ) and WOW...my little juke box would play for 4 days and 10 hours .
    I have 1525 songs done so far, and to give You some Idea of the amount of memory that number of songs ( wav files ) takes up . . . That drive shows 63gb used.
    Seth was right on the nail... get a second hard drive for the O/S and run your juke box on the larger harddrive.
    Good Luck, and Happy Recording . . . any questions...feel free to ask...I'll give my honest opinion...for what it's worth :)

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