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    I posted this question here but it didn't really get much notice, so thought I might repost.
    I'm looking to save some RA streams to my PC, and would like to find a PC app for doing so. Saving in WAV format is a plus, but MP3 will do in a pinch.
    Also, I'd really like something that can do it in the background (doesn't play it back in real time- rather just connects to the server and downloads the data and saves it).
    Any good free or cheap apps out there for doing this?
    I can figure ouyt how to find the stream file (rm), but don't know of any apps that can open or edit it once it's saved.
  2. RenoV

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    Mar 7, 2002
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    First get the Winamp (2.x) Real Audio plug-in here and install it (assuming you have Winamp already of course, if not download and install that too (2.x version, NOT 3)
    Next start up Winamp and go to "Options->Preferences->Plug-ins->Output" highlight Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in then click "Configure"
    On the right hand side there will be a "Single-file mode" box, check "Enable" in there, enter the path/filename you want your stream saved to/as, then select the format/quality you want it saved to. Click "OK" then go back to the main Winamp screen.
    Now press "Ctrl + L" to bring up the "Open Location" dialog. Type or copy & paste the URL to the RA stream in there and click OK. The stream should begin but you'll be unable to hear anything, now check the location you told it to save to and if the file is there you did everything right....
    P.S. Be sure to switch the output plug-in back to waveOut when finished or else you'll be making new wave file every time you play an MP3 (not to mention you won't hear anything) [​IMG]
    Hope this helps...
  3. Sacha_C

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    Or simply start up sound recorder or any recording program to record it while it plays. Make sure to select the correct recording channel first.

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