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Discussion in 'Computers' started by DeathStar1, May 22, 2004.

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    Hey all,

    We have Gameshow Network down the shore, but not here...So, I was thinking of a solution to the problem. Run thecomputer down there 24/7. Have it serve as a Host Desktop, and log in with my Remote Desktop here. Activate the TV Tuner and begin watching.

    However, work? I'm not evne sure if PC Anywhere can transmit sound that way...

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    All of this to get Gameshow network?

    This method is not very good. Does your other PC have a dedicated IP address? Which would be a big point of contention for PCAnywhere (otherwise, you'll need a product like DNS2Go or DynDNS)

    Here's a better solution..

    Setup your PC to handle video capture with a decent card.

    If you're running WinXP Pro (NOT HOME) you can get Microsoft MediaServer (the "light" is still a free download) and have it encode the video capture to WMV and watch it over streaming.. you'll still get tons of drop out and small window (the free only streams at top I think 320x240 video) but..

    PCAnywhere11 will not transmit sound in the way you want, and even if it did, the bandwidth required would be intense... and have to stay solid consistent.

    So here's an alternative to all the above.

    Get DrDiVX (http://www.divx.com/) have it time-shift record whatever shows you want on this channel.. then, setup a cheap FTP server on that machine, and just download the shows overnight and watch when you want. Quality will be higher (though not broadcast or perfect) and will be small enough you could do a few shows daily..
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    I think recording the shows you want to avi/mpeg and then download/stream them from the remote PC is the way to go.

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