PBS bringing back "Matinee at the Bijou"


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Dec 31, 2003
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Having remembered the original series with fondness I was delighted to read the below press release which was posted on google newsgroups. Fans of classic films will enjoy this:

Matinee at the Bijou, one of America's favorite entertainment programs,
is returning to PBS in 2007. The new, 12-episode HD sequel series is
hosted by screen legend Debbie Reynolds. Each episode includes a
classic color cartoon, cliffhanging short subject, an installment of
Flash Gordon; and, a vintage feature film. PBS Video plans home DVD
distribution of the content.

MEDFORD, OR - The Chudwig Group, a production company and content
aggregator, announced today that agreements with PBS to air in 2007 a
12-episode sequel series to the popular 1980's hit: Matinee at the
Bijou, will anchor the group's sponsorship development effort.

During its initial five-year run in the 80's, Matinee at the Bijou
was one of America's favorite entertainment programs - consistently
rated in the top-ten national PBS programs.

Screen legend, Debbie Reynolds, will host the new HD series. Reynolds
will open each, two-hour episode with a performance of the original
theme song and then describe for the audience that episode's cartoon,
short subject, action-packed serial chapter and classic feature film.

"We are confident that sponsors will respond to this unique
opportunity to invite America to the movies on PBS," said Mark
DuMond, executive producer. "Audiences loved the original series,
and came back week after week for more."

After signing broadcast and home DVD distribution agreements, the
Chudwig Group recently launched a coordinated effort to seek series
sponsors. The Group is working with PBS executives to streamline and
focus the search. One-to-three sponsors can be accommodated.

According to DuMond, PBS has licensed the series for three years of
unlimited broadcasts on all PBS HD and SD (Standard Definition)
channels. PBS Video has secured home video distribution rights for a
period of ten years. Home video versions, said DuMond, will have
extended sponsorship credits and links to sponsor?s corporate web

Producers plan a Matinee at the Bijou Hosted by Debbie Reynolds web
site, featuring downloadable trailers, vodcasts and social networking
for fans. A number of web-driven "blended" Bijou Parties, to bring
fans together for real-world episode viewing events, are also in the

Key members of the original production team have reunited to repeat the
magic that made the original series a pop culture phenomenon. Bob
Campbell, co-creator and producer of the original Matinee at the Bijou
series is heading the team. Sam Harrison, director of the original
series, is once again directing.

Veteran film distributors and prestigious specialists in the field of
classic motion pictures have joined the Bijou team. Specialists like
Greg Luce (Sinister Cinema). Conrad Sprout (Hollywood Select Video),
and, Ron Hall (Festival Films) bring their extensive personal archives
and industry contacts in the classic film community to the project. As
a result, the sequel series features rare and seldom seen cinematic

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