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    One of my Sunday morning rituals is to read the LA Times Calendar, Magazine and New York Times every Sunday morning. As I live in New Hampshire, this means I read them online.

    Recently more and more papers have started to charge for popular content and the LA Times joins this group on August 4th. LAT's Calendar Goes Paid

    What do you all think about paying for content? I'm probably going to do it as I definitely enjoy reading it and feel it is worth it, but one of the things I love about the net is the ability to read newspaper stories from all over the US and the world. (BTW - a great link resource for entertainment stores from all over is Movie City News. If you haven't been checking this site out - do so. The right side of the page links great stories and columnists from many major (and minor) dailies.)

    My fear is that the ability to do so will go away and the net will lose something important. Information access and research is my (and I'm sure many other's) primary web usage. I fear we're soon to go back to the days where you had to pay Lexis/Nexis or a similar clipping service a fee for each article you wish to read.

    One thing for sure, though, if I'm paying $40 a year for access they sure as hell better drop the pop-ups and especially the multimedia pop-ins. There are few things that encourage me NOT to buy a product more quickly than an animated Asahi bottle (this morning's example) or a car racing across my broser (replete with sound effects)!

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    I would pay for good content, but like you, only if the terms were good.

    The precedent of cable Tv, whre I pay for a clear picture, which I don't always get, and most of the channels are so ad-riddled they are unwatchable, is not promising tho.

    For general interest good reading, this is a nice site

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