Pay Pal Customer Service Phone number?

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    Does pay pal have a customer service phone number? I've searched their site and I can't find one. Please help. I sent them the following email twice:

    "I received two payments yesterday (3-18) but they don't appear in my account, nor has my account been credited the funds. I did receive the usual email that they have been sent but they don't appear in my account."

    This is the automated response that I received which doesn't address my question at all:

    "Dear Robert,

    Thank you for contacting PayPal. We ask that you do not rely solely on the automated payment notifications to be alerted when a payment has been made.

    Email is not 100% reliable. There are many environmental factors, which may cause email to be delayed or not delivered at all. When mail is sent

    to you, three systems are involved. Our automated email system, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and your email client. Deferral Errors will cause the messages to be delayed and Permanent Errors will bounce the

    message back to the sender. Factors which will cause email to be delayed include heavy email loads,configuration errors, and domain errors. An unusually large amount of email delivered to the mail server will use up

    vital system resources causing the email handling processes to slow down.

    Generally, email will be delayed a few hours as the server returns to


    Configuration files tell the mail servers how to process email. If there

    have been updates to the software or network, these files may not be

    configured correctly. This will result in difficulties processing email or

    delivery to the wrong mailbox. Often, once system administrators are

    notified of the problem, they can fix it immediately.

    Domain errors are the result of incorrectly configured domain records.

    These records contain information to allow the connection between the mail

    exchange and computers trying to reach the domain. If the mail exchange

    does not respond correctly, the email is deferred pending a later delivery.

    The deferral can be configured many different ways. An example would be

    that emails not delivered will attempt to be sent again every hour for the

    next five days.

    Permanent errors are less likely, especially if you are receiving email

    from other sources. PayPal's automated email may not be delivered due to

    Spam blocks or filtering. Filtering is used to reduce the load placed on

    the mail servers caused by large amounts of unsolicited email or Spam.

    Generally, notifying your ISP will resolve this issue. Once notified, they

    will be able to reconfigure their filters to allow PayPal emails. If not,

    informing us of the filters or software they are using may help resolve the


    Thank you for choosing PayPal!"

    They appear not to have even read my email but rather scimmed it and are reponding as if I'm having troulbe with their automated email reponse.
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    It's buried in their "Contact us" section. It's (888) 221-1161.

  3. Ash Williams

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    You should check out this thread. I closed my Pay-Pal account because of it.

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