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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by CurtisSC, Jul 6, 2003.

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    I currently own a H/K AVR-525 reciever driving Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 l/r mains, CMT-340c center, and CBM-170 surrounds. And I have been extremely happy with the combo, but ofcourse, upgradeitis always looms.

    I have taken the speakers a couple of times to other places for listening sessions. Both times seperates were used, the latest being a Rotel 1065/1075 combo. And before that, I believe the amps were Aragons, do not remember the pre-amp.

    At these sessions I noticed that the lower mids/upper bass seemed a little tighter.

    Am I correct in assuming that it probably has more to do with the power being delivered to the speakers? Or is it more so the preamp?

    If it is the power amp, I will probably start on my road to seperates there. If not, I will hold off and save for both a pre-pro/power amp.

    Suggestions on an amp to mate to the 525 are also appreciated.
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    Talk about how to analyze your observations! Well for starters you had them playing in somewhat unfamiliar surroundings that have their own peculiar (meaning unique, not weird) acoustic properties. That and you're comparing them to some other speakers that have their own unique characteristics. So what you're hearing is in part due to the room/speaker interactions.

    Myself, I favor large large amounts of clean power above and beyond what's necessary. But that's just me. As far as separates go, this term or philosophy if you will, means different things to different people. A five channel amp. A two and three channel amp. Five monoblocks. They're all separate and a lot of deciding upon which way to go is dependent upon your personal preferences as well as finances. Not to say input from a significant other who won't give you any input into what nail polish or cosmetics they use! Generally speaking, and I do mean general, most 200 watt amps that also have specified power handling capabilities into 4 ohms do well with most speakers that are out there. There's something out there to meet most anyone's budget. So why don't you think about how separate you want to go and come up with some prices you can live with?

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