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Peter Doten

Dec 10, 2002
The time has come where I am downsizing (considerably) my setup and I’m looking to sell off a few pieces:
  • Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD player. SOLD
  • Outlaw 990 Preamp/Processor. About 3 years old, works great, never had a problem with it. All accessories, manual, remote(s) included. Original owner, non-smoking household. $500
  • Carver AV-505 5-channel amp. Rated at 80x5. Very musical and solid. Many years of life left in this one. Rack mountable. I have the original box and manual (although it might take me a week or two to track down the exact location of the manual). 9/10 condition. $300
  • Jamo SW-410E Subwoofer.Pic Pic10” woofer, 100W (rated) amp. Very good for an apartment or bedroom. I’m not the original owner so I only have the sub itself. Condition 8.5/10. $200
  • PSB Century Center.Pic Not so sure about the specs on this one as I bought this used as well. Works fine. Condition 7/10. $75
  • BIC Venturi 52i.Pic Fairly inexpensive bookshelf speakers, although (IMO) better than pretty much anything else for the money. Bic Venturi Bookshelfs Condition 8/10 $50 for the pair
  • Sony KV-36XBR350 36” HDTV (monitor). PicHard to beat for picture quality, provided you can deal with the size/weight (most people can’t or don’t want to). Comes with matching stand and Remote. Condition 6/10, there are some blemishes on the chassis and on the stand but functionally everything is A-OK. $250, you have to pick it up though.
Everything is located in Astoria, NY (New York City). Local pick-up is ideal, but I’m willing to ship anything (except the TV of course). If you have any questions please PM (or e-mail me).

I also have a pretty good amount of PC parts for sale, instead of cross-posting the whole thing here is the link at Anandtech


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