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    Anchor Bay have announced the extra features for their September 2nd release of Wim Wenders award-winning Paris,Texas. Priced at £19.99, the DVD release features a commentary by Wim Wenders, footage of Klaus Kinski and Wim Wenders in Cannes, outtakes, a photo gallery, biographies and deleted scenes
    another great one to get [​IMG]
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    I’m glad to hear that this will be getting a Special Edition from Anchor Bay UK, which means that it will be released a long time before the R1 edition because I don’t recall it has been announced as yet. Do Anchor Bay have the rights to PARIS, TEXAS for the US as well? Because if they don’t, I doubt that the R1 DVD can be any better than this.

    As yet, I have bought only 2 Anchor Bay discs in R2: the NOSFERATU, THE VAMPYRE 2-Disc Set (which was released anamorphic a good seven months before the recent R1 re-issue) and MONA LISA (which has better supplements than the Criterion R1 DVD) - and as I bought both for a mere GBP 7.99 (approximately $12) each, I guess I did quite a bargain by picking up the R2 editions of these fine films.

    The Anchor Bay UK catalog is quite interesting with some discs being exclusive to them, rather than just releasing the same R1 Anchor Bay titles for the UK: OBSESSION, THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, WITHNAIL & I (which are on the whole superior to their R1 counterparts, released by companies other than Anchor Bay). After all, they don’t own the rights in the UK to everything released by Anchor Bay on R1 (most notably, the “Hammer Collection” titles).
    As for their "Future Releases", again, there are some exclusive and enticing titles like MURPHY’S WAR (1971), THE AMAZING MR. BLUNDEN (1972), THE PLAGUE DOGS (1982) and A PRIVATE FUNCTION (1984). Frankly, I guess we have to be thankful that Anchor Bay has broadened its audience, so to speak, to include the R2 market as well: after all, this means a bigger choice for us film and DVD enthusiasts!

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