Parents giving me their PC..How do I transfer my data to theirs etc. ?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Alf S, Jul 6, 2003.

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    Well actually, there's going to be a 3 way swap.

    My dad just bought a new HP monster PC and said I could have his HP Pavillion (much newer and more powerful than mine).

    I plan on giving my sister my PC because her's is in terrible shape.

    Question then is this: What's the best plan of attack to make sure what dad has on his PC now makes it back onto his new one? example being his internet favorites,files with pictures saved,email info, etc. He doesn't have many (if any programs loaded on it other than Links golf and McAfee virus... they just surf and read email, bust insisted they need a bigger newer system [​IMG])

    I guess the same can be said for my PC (which has a lot more stuff on it)and sister's. For me a big one I need saved then deleted safely is all my TaxCut data. ANy tips there?

    Luckily they only live a few minutes away so I can tinker away on the weekends to make sure I get everything done right.

    Any tips to make everything run smooth is appreciated.

    Note: We all have cd burners and floppies so I'm set for copying whatever needs copying.
  2. Camp

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    If you're running WinXP you can use the Files & Settings Transfer Wizard:

    Start --> Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools
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    You could always slap the old HD into the new machine and copy & paste away. However Camp's method looks like the best (if both computers have XP).

    For Outlook Express it's a bit different as the program is wacky about saving emails (saves them in one big encrypted file). You have to export all your saved emails and email addresses by going to File --> Export. I've never used this feature so I could be wrong here, double check to make sure.

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