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    Feb 16, 2002
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    Has anyone here had the chance to audition the new Parasound Halo C1 processor with the new Halo amps or new Parasound 400w Mono-blocks ? If yes - What speakers were used, What components were connected, SACD ? DVDA ? etc.? How were the demo room accoustics, etc ? What do you think about these new units ? No local Parasound dealers where I can see and hear these in person [​IMG]
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    Nov 21, 2001
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    Steve, I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Halo A21 amp. I will be running it using an Anthem AVM-20 and will have a pair of Paradigm Studio 40's and ACI 25th Anniversary Sapphires to test it on. Estimated time of arrival for the amp into my system is about 7-10 days or so, so I will report back my findings.
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    Nov 27, 1998
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    I have been using a C2 in my system since 02/07/03

    The difference between the two controllers is the C2 has a...

    - Vacuum fluorescent display instead of TFT screen
    - No inductor post-filtering of power supply
    - One less component video input

    When I e-mailed Richard Schram of Parasound about the differences he replied...

    "You are correct about the primary differences between the C 1 and C 2.
    They run the same Software and operate similarly.
    The simple fact is that we under-priced the C 2 to disrupt the industry a bit."

    I am very pleased with the piece. I had used an AVC-2500 for a couple of years. I sold it about a year ago as it was becoming somewhat sound format outdated. I used a Pioneer VSX-49TX receiver as a pre/pro while waiting for the HALO controllers to make their debut.

    My associated equipment can be seen at my site by clicking on my signature link below.


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