Parasound 2200II related to Halo A21?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Ricky T, Mar 30, 2003.

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    The 2200II and A21 have similiar specs:
    - 250x2 into 8 ohms, 400x2 into 4 ohms
    - dual 1.2kVA power transformers
    - 12 output devices per channel
    - same chassis size and weight

    Anyone know the differences between the two? The A21 (and other Halo and classic parasound amps) have Mosfet driver stages. Does the 2200II? How much does this affect sound?

    And finally, what relations do either amp have with the JC1?
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    Maybe this answers part of your question.

    text from another site (see link below)

    Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. The other Halo Parasound amps only get my design contribution, shared with Taiwan engineers' attitude toward parts, construction, etc. The A23 is still a good amp in principle, but we have put a lot more attention into the JC-1.

    this one too

    These are similar designs on paper. It is like comparing a Porsche 924 to a Porsche 968. The JC-1 is more refined, mostly by Bob Crump with passive part selection, and Carl Thompson (formerly my Vendetta business partner) who did the circuit layout. The JC-1 is a successful experiment in amp refinement. All other Parasound amps do not have this refinement. Carl Thompson just got his JC-1's this week, and he has been using a modified HCA-2200 for years. There is a real difference, but not one that can be easily measured. For the record the HCA-2200 also uses FET's to drive the bipolar output devices. The only significant difference is that the JC-1 is all FET's, except for the bipolar output devices, and the 2200 has bipolar cascode and line drivers. While these devices could be swapped out for FET's, I doubt that it would do that much.

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