Parasound 1500A, and B&W HTM1 question?

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    I am using parasound 1500A to power the HTM1 center,

    the parasound is rate at 205w X 2 @ 8ohm, and in bridge mode it is rate 630W @ 8ohm. (you can't use 4ohm speaker in bridge mode) and the HTM1 is rate at 250W, 8 ohm. How would you power the HTM1.

    1. Biamp or

    2. Bridge

    I am powering the HTM1 in bridge mode now which provide me a lot of upper head room, but is there any other reason to biamp it instead?

    P.S. I am also using the Parasound 2205 to biamp a pair of 804. (i would run it in bridge mode if i can , but can't bridge the 2205). and the fifth channel power the SVS 20-39 CS).

    Thanks for your opinion.
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    In bridge mode you lose most of the amp's ability to keep tight control over the speaker's lower bass frequencies (high damping factor). Parasound amps are well known for their ability to keep great control of the bass, and you are giving up this great control by bridging them.

    I would rather use a bi-amping strategy than a bridging strategy.


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