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    Apocalypse Now Redux & Friday the 13th part 3!
    While i don't agree wit the high prices + the way the F13th series is being treated & i'm just being honest here. I was able to find these at reasonable i had to pick them up.
    First off Apocalypse Now looked and sounded awsome. I prefer this version over the original,though i may pick that version up sometime if a SE isn't going to be released with both editions.
    This film is incredible........yet the dvd while impressive audio & visualwise......feels like it's missing something.
    For one....i did see this in theaters and seeing it in it's full 2:35 ratio was eye popping & so much better than the current aspect ratio. I as well as the films other fans would LOVE for it to be released in it's full orginal 2:35 image, the movie looks so much better & all the scenes seem right, rather than cramped & cropped in it's current state.
    Also theres the 5 1/2 workprint + i'm sure hours of other footage that would be interesting to see.
    Is there any chance a 2 disc SE could be released with........
    The correct 2:35 AR
    Both the original '79 version & Redux,possbly seamlessly branched or on seperate discs/sides.
    All footage from the 5 1/2 workprint + any other footage as a supplement. This would definatly need it's own disc....but would be so worth it.
    Hearts of Darkness a great documentary on the making of the film......if it does'nt get it's own release(who owns the rights?) would complete the set to make the Ultimate Ap. Now edition.
    As for Friday the 13th part was amazing to see it in widescreen finnaly! At least you guys release stuff in OAR,while other studios are going for separte P&S releases or just those & let me tell you........this movie looks horrible in P&S that i can't believe it(& other films) were'nt released in there OAR before.
    Again great audio & picture but lacks everything else. For one...theres the censorship issue.....some pretty impressive effects where toned down,though not as extreme as in later installments + part 2,still censored none the less.
    Theres also the original ending that was cut for various reasons that remain a mystery...some say because Dana Kimmel complained,others say because of the MPAA. It was filmed and pictures have shown up would be great to see this ending + a possible seamless branch version to see how it plays out with this ending.
    & i know how the uncut director's cut issue has gotten before,but come on and at least give it a shot & treat the films right for a change....or at least stop making up excuses and ignoring the matter.
    This is a much simpler release to do than say my Ap. Now ultimate set which would require alot of work and time. All i'm asking for & would satisfy the fans as well is this it's original uncut form......with the alternate ending as an extra + branching option.
    3-D would be great as well,if possible.
    + thats all the series really needs as well....the orginal uncut versions, + any deleted footage/alternate endings that where filmed and/or shown up on tv + various websites.
    Trailers are a a must as well and of course OAR!!!!!
    So what do you say....can you please reply + for the prices you ask for,we deserve at least that much!
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    Christina, no offence but I don't have a lot of time to respond to questions on the Web. I don't HAVE to do this. But to answer some of your questions:

    1. The fact that REDUX is 2.0 aspect ratio and that there's no Hearts of Darkness? These are Coppola choices. Is a SE coming one day? Probably.

    2. The plan with Friday the 13th is still to finish them as they were released theatrically and then revisit. I know people get impatient.

    Have a nice holiday.
  3. Christina_V

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    Thanks Mr Blythe!
    Thats all i asked for.......have a nice Holidays and happy new years!
    As for the impatience......sorry about all that. Its just when people want something so badly & it takes awhile,well you know the feeling.
    Hopefully the Indiana Jones trilogy will get released someday as well as Grease......some of my favs i'm dieing to own on dvd.
    I'm sure the wait will be worth it though!
  4. Chuck L

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    Mr. Blythe,

    I know that by now you are tired of hearing from we…the rabid and ‘impatient’ Friday The 13th fans. In my thoughts, the fact that we have been waiting to see Friday 7 uncut since 1988, I believe that we have been more than patient.

    Even when the film debuted in May 1988, the fans of the series have known about the cuts to the film. The rallying began even then for the home video release to see the deleted footage. It never happened.

    Since, many attempts have been made to persuade Paramount to release this film in its proper form. Many times we were told that Paramount had a long-standing policy of not releasing unrated releases. But yet, Paramount did release “Hellraiser 3,” “Jade,” and “Sliver” in separate unrated releases. Why then was this for the longest time used as an excuse when it came to this particular series?

    I do hope that if Paramount is indeed going to be releasing the films in their proper forms after the initial release of their eight films on DVD, they you will provide some sort of premium other than the unreleased footage as an incentive to the people that have given you their hard earned money. Disney has provided a ‘cut-back’ program to where if you upgrade from VHS to DVD, that you receive a $5.00 refund. Something similar to that should be offered instead of making us, the fans that you know that will shell out the money to have this footage. This should also be done on the Star Trek series for those of us that have purchased the entire series already that will AGAIN be buying the Special Editions. I know of course, that this is all wishful thinking, and that we will simply be putting out again, for what you have known we have wanted for a long time.

    I also hope that when you revisit the series that it won’t take another four years to complete the films in Special Editions. There has been more than enough time to complete the versions of these films in the unrated versions. To wait again, two release per year, you think that we are impatient now…wait till then.

    You all have the co-operation on hand for Part Seven; all you have to do is utilize it. I am sure that you also would get co-operation on the other films in the series, if Paramount were to approach these titles and please the people that gave Paramount a lot of money over the past two decades…those people being us.
  5. Christina_V

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    Well said made all the right points!!
    Lets hope they actually listen this time,they've had more than enough time to!

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