Paramount: Star Trek TV MSRP/MAP/NonMAP

John Berggren

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Jun 17, 1999
Please consider reducing the "MSRP" of Star Trek Season sets. Though the company line is that there is "no MSRP/MAP", the "MSRP" seems to get set on these at $150. Awfully high for a television boxed set.

Warner Brothers has recently reduced the price on the Friends season sets by nearly half, from $70 to $40. I think a similar policy could only help DS9 and TNG.

I myself bought the first 4 seasons of TNG, and want the next 3, but the cost is prohibitive. I had also considerred trying Deep Space Nine, but will not consider it based on the price of these sets.

I'm willing to bet a significant enough number of sales are lost on these sets that a lower price would be easily balanced by an increase in sales. At the current MSRP, I myself have TNG 1-4. At a lower MSRP, I would likely have TNG 1-7, DS9 1-7, and later Voyager 1-7.


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Nov 1, 2000
I second that motion...

It was one thing when Xfiles priced itself at about $150 because they were the first big tv boxset and it was untried area...

But I tell ya... it's been very easy to just pick up stuff like The Shield, the MASH sets, and etc when they're about $40 in the stores. And both of those shows I mentioned? Were NOT on my "I want on DVD" list. But they're now on my shelves.

Star Trek TNG, DS9, VGR are all on my "want" list but none of them currently reside on my shelves... I'm probably going to try ebaying now for the early TNG seasons now that they've been out for a year. Seems like with a little patience you could get them for ~$50

Yes the market's getting flooded with TV on DVD and there's a LOT that I want so I have to be careful about the $$ I spend.


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Jan 16, 2001
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I bought all TNG but I cant afford DS9s at the price Paramount is selling them at. 50.00-60.00 would be a good price but until they lower them, I just cant afford them.

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