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Paramount may not own home video rights to everything they syndicate (1 Viewer)

Mark To

Supporting Actor
Feb 23, 2004
I was just doing a little research on this and everyone, myself included, has assumed all along that Paramount, which has gobbled up so many other companies, owns all of these shows outright. That may not be the case. For instance, Combat, which is coming out soon, was licensed by Image from ABC. Dick Van Dyke DVDs came from Calvada Productions, not Paramount. So, I'm just wondering, maybe there is a reason we haven't seen any of the former Republic or Worldvision shows. Perhaps they are not owned by Paramount, other than for syndication. That would explain:
The Fugitive, The Invaders, Streets of San Francisco, One Step Beyond (legitimate), Ben Casey, Doris Day Show, People's Choice, Wendy and Me, Bonanza, Get Smart, etc.
Just because a show is distibuted by a company does not necessarily mean they own it outright. The Cosby Show was syndicated by Viacom but that may not mean they bought it. Anyway, maybe someone on this board knows about this or they could inquire.


May 14, 2004
Thanks for the information and you may very well have provided the answer for the difficulties here.

Something is decidedly wrong when a popular tv property like THE FUGITIVE (ABC 1963-67) or a renowned (and also popular) SF tv series like THE INVADERS (ABC 1967-68) are conspicuously absent from the DVD release horserace.

I know that there were problems with the Irwin Allen 1960s SF tv series in that 20th Century-Fox Home Video now seems to be in partnership with Sheila Matthews-Allen and the Irwin Allen estate pertaining specifically to these tv properties.

I believe that Fox Home Entertainment has secured a 25 year lease on these tv franchises with the Irwin Allen estate and hopefully the company will exercise their option to make VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA (ABC 1964-68), LOST IN SPACE (CBS 1965-68), THE TIME TUNNEL (ABC 1966-67) and LAND OF THE GIANTS (ABC 1968-70) all available on DVD collections before this agreement expires.

At least an outfit like TV Shows on DVD likely has access to the major distribution companies like Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment and if they're reading this discussion thread then I'd be eternally grateful if they would contact Paramount Pictures and clarify just what is the current disposition of THE INVADERS tv series and when we can expect to see this tv franchise made available on DVD.

James Landau

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Jan 9, 2001
I think you may be right about this. We have seen one of the Worldvision shows—Little House on the Prairie—and it too was released by a third party. There's also The Twilight Zone, released by Image and supposedly licensed from CBS. All the packaging displays the CBS logo but none for either Paramount or Viacom. And I suspect the reason Paramount released Have Gun, Will Travel before The Wild Wild West or Mission: Impossible is due to CBS's involvement. Not sure how this all works though since CBS is now owned by Viacom.

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