Paramount/CBS: "The New Twilight Zone" (1980's)?

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    Rex Bachmann
    This is a follow-up to a previous petition (wrongly?) addressed to MGM Home Video (MGM TV was the U.S. broadcast distributor of the program).
    With the onslaught of tv programming coming our way now, I wonder whether Paramount Home Video owns the rights to the The New Twilight Zone (1980's) through its absorption of CBS and its homevideo collection, and, if so, whether there is any consideration being given to its release (uncut!) on DVD.
    I'll repeat my list of "must-haves" from the earlier thread
    "Nightcrawlers" (Some of the best 40 (?) minutes of television in history!)
    "Opening Day"
    "Need to Know"
    "The Shadow Man"
    "Button, Button"
    "A Little Peace and Quiet"
    "Red Snow"
    "Something in the Walls"
    "Dead Run"
    "The Elevator"
    All of these except one ("Something in the Walls") are first-season episodes, so I'll take either a first-season boxed set OR a "best-of" collection that includes all these.
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    Bring on the season box sets! Only three seasons, right?

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