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Paradise/Guns of Paradise The Last Great TV Western

Discussion in 'DVD' started by fdabbott, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. fdabbott

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    Jun 22, 2018
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    Is Warner's Archive ever going to release season 2 of this great TV Western "Paradise" with Lee Horsley and also season 3 of with the re-titled name "Guns of Paradise". They released season 1 more than 2 years ago and the quality was great. This is a great, fun family TV Western from the 1990s, but after Warner's Changed their distributor there classic TV westerns which they had been doing great with, went down the tubes. We are also still waiting for the Fifties series "Colt 45 & The Alaskans".
    Come on Warner's at least release Season 2 of "Paradise" with the great throw back episodes "A Gathering of Guns" staring the old original TV western stars Gene Barry & Hugh O'Brien.

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