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Dec 3, 2008
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Paraden Nakaneer
This was originally a question to Robert, and he asked me to post it to the forum...thank you all for your help.

In the message below I close with "suits my needs". I should probably more clearly define this. I have all Paradigm speakers...2 7se towers for fronts, 2 Mini Monitors for rears and a CC300 I think for the center. All the drivers are matched perfectly in size, and then the PS-1000 sub. My new components are mentioned below and include a link for the sub. My expectations are that the new sub fit seamlessly with the system and can handle music and the new technology (LFE & soundtracks on Blu-Ray) without flubbing, quacking, flapping or any other strange sounds. Just deep intense loud LFE. I also set my system up so that the sub handles anything below 150Hz, this way my speakers can concentrate on frequencies above that and not be taxed. My current sub sounds awesome, but once in awhile produces a strange sound from newer soundtracks at high levels...I tweaked the location and have made significant improvement and have lowered my volume to be safer. It is my opinion that this sub should be retired to the music room and replaced with a new sub that can handle the new technology and better soundtracks. Please advise...

Thank you so much for your time in answering my question. May I please ask that you recommend a sub for me. I am not really that well versed in this stuff. I currently have a 17 year old Paradigm PS-1000 in mint condition. It is my concern that with the upgrade to a new Denon 3808CI and the new Blu-ray player it is not capable of keeping up with the new mastering of soundtracks and the new LFEs that have been introduced due to the new technology. Please understand that you have no obligation and that I do not hold you accountable for any purchase I make. I looked at the SVS and they have a couple in my price range of around $600.00. They are the PC12-NSD, PB10-NSD, PB12-NSD and the SB12- Plus. My problem is that I can't get a good read on the specs compared to the specs on Paradigms website for my current sub...Paradigm | Exceptional Loudspeakers for Music and Home Theater. My room is 25 by 20, but the area we use for home theater is 12 by 12 and is not blocked out or off, just that the speakers are placed in this area to accommodate the the theater experience. Well I hope I have given you enough information so that you can steer me in the right direction. Oh, by the way, depending on the movie the loudest I ever play a Blu-Ray is at -10db, according to Denon's on screen display. Thank you so much for your time and you can be as brief as you want in your comparisons or as detailed, or you do not have to even respond. I just want to better understand what I can expect from the SVS compared with what I have and what best suits my needs. Have a great day.


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Mar 1, 2007
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I have the exact model 'digms you have and I decided to go with the SVS PB-13 ultra and have never regretted it. I probably could have settled for one of the models you mentioned for the levels I listen to. However, I have all the headroom I need and the thing sounds wonderful for music or movies.

I know it is above the budget you set aside for your sub but I highly recommend this sub and SVS in general, they are great to work with. I was consistently told to spend as much as possible on the sub and then use the remainder for the rest of the system. I guess it is the anchor point in my system. I need to upgrade my Denon but have held off for a year because it still sounds good to me, even though I am using optical for the sound connection and it is not capable of HDMI encoding/decoding.

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