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Jun 20, 2003
I currently have the PS1200v3 in hometheater set up. I am satisfied with the job it does with movies, but I am unable blend sub with my speaker while playing music. I have tried moving the sub around the room, lowering the bass out put, and set the system up using the automatic calibration on Pioneer Elite 45tx. The bass always sounds boomy and sort of unatural. I have had the sub for 4months.

My dealer is willing to allow my to upgrade to the seismic 10 or12 with full credit for my original purchase.

Has does anyone have any of these sub in their system? What type of luck have you had?

Are the seismic 10 or 12 anymore "muscial?"

I am currently using as my paradigm focus v.3 fronts, center, and rears(loan from dealer). Previously, I was using Sony 615 as my fronts.


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Jun 29, 2003
Yep, the seismic subs will be more musical. From what I understand the PS series sub boxes are designed to get lots of output without having to use a more powerful expensive amp. The tradeoff is that the subs are not as tight/musical as better paradigm subs.
I own the the PW2100 and it is rock solid for music. It has more power than the PS line, a different box design and a better driver. You may not have to go up to the seismic line to get what you need. Check out the PW2100 and PW2200 before you buy. Lots of guys around here have the PW2200, it is well respected.
Saying all that you could still have issues with your set up. Calibrate with a SPL meter using DVE or AVIA to get you into the ballpark to begin tinkering with blending your low end (if you have not already). Search this forum on calibrating subs and you will get tons of info. Check out threads on guys EQing subs with the BFD and your head will start to spin but there is tons of info.

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