Paradigm Studio/20 as surround - placement questions

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    I am nearing a purchase of a set of Paradigm Reference speakers for my almost completed HT. The room dimensions are 13' wide, 28' deep and 8' high. Primary viewing point will be 1/2 way back -- 12-14 feet from the 100" diagonal screen.

    I wired in three possible positions for surrounds - straight to the side of the listening area, in the rear corners and about mid point between those two locations (about 7' back from listening position, 7' forward of the rear corner).

    At a later time, I might add dipoles to the straight to the side location, but for now I have decided to use Studio/20's as direct radiators from one of the two rearward positions. It is my understanding that these are rear-ported, so I need to be cautious about mounting them directly to the walls. In addition, the specs say 56 pounds per pair -- I think that is shipping weight, so we are talking 25-28 pounds per speaker. Ooof...

    What are my mounting options? I have searched for stands - but at that weight, the selection is limited. I am presuming I need to have these speakers elevated higher than a normal listening stand for the 20. I have seen wall mounts that can handle the weight, but if I tilt them 45-60 degrees forward, what happens to the port?


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    My Studio 20's sit on Premier S-26 stands:
    Obviously they were suggested by my paradigm dealer, but they do work just fine. I was originally thinking of doing some kind of wall/ceiling mount, but I couldn't bare to drill something into these speakers.
    Ideally, I would try to keep the tweeters the same height as the tweeters on your main speakers. So, no I wouldn't mount them very high at all.

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