Paradigm Reference placement dilemma

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Rod#S, Jun 28, 2003.

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    I currently have a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 100s, a Studio CC, a Servo 15 and a pair of Studio ADPs. I will be expanding to a 7.1 system within the coming months by adding a pair of Studio 60s. All speakers are version 2s.

    I realize this is will be a rather odd arrangement of speakers and I'm not quit sure where to put the Studio 60s and ADPs.

    Having the Studio 60s was not my original intent but the opportunity arose and I couldn't pass it up.

    Originally I had decided on the Studio 20s for the rear surrounds but as time went by I kept thinking I would really like to have more bass response so I thought the Studio 40s would be the way to go. My processor will be either the Anthem AVM20 or upcoming Statement D1 and it was only after reading about the ability of the upcoming software revision to the Anthem AVM20 (version 2.10) that I was sold on the 40s. The new software will allow the reversing of the surrounds and surround back channels. With this ability I could have used the ADPs for the surrounds in movie sound tracks and the 40s for the rears and when listening to 5.1 SACD and DVD-A I would only use the 40s.

    I was really liking the flexibility of this when my dealer offered me a deal on a pair of Studio 60s where I could get them for the same price as the 40s. This came about becuase of the new version 3s being released and the dealer had a pair of version 2 Studio 60s on hand and would have to order the 40s if I still wanted them. The problem was to get version 2 40s I would have had to place the order and buy them right away becuase the dealer didn't really want any more version 2s as they had placed an order for the new versions already and the version 2s would be increasingly harder to get. I decided to take the 60s and the dealer is holding them until I get my surround processor and amps.

    Back to the question at hand. Would it be best to put the Studio 60s in the back or should I possibly use the 60s as the surrounds and move the ADPs to the back. I realize the 60s are shorter than the 40s on stands but I can simply put the 60s on cinder blocks or something of the sort to raise them up a bit.

    Any suggestions welcomed.
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    sell the 60's and grab some 20's and buy a few dvd's with the cash you saved[​IMG] They maybe a bit of overkill for rears...or side surrounds....being everyone has a different ear, I'd have someone swap them into the different positions and see what sounds best to you...being no room/treatments are the same..its tough to find a solution...and of course, our ears aren't the same either[​IMG] get the 20's and buy dvd's or play musical'll be happy with one for sure...good speakers for a good price.

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