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Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 (Rosenut) and CC-290 v.5 (Rosenut) (1 Viewer)

Update: All speakers are SOLD

For Sale Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 (v5) - Rosenut - Pair

Condition: Very good (very minor damage to one of the grills; please see picture below)

Price: $400 or best offer - SOLD

For Sale Paradigm CC-290 v.5 (v5) - Rosenut - Single speaker

Condition: Very good

Price: $300 or best offer - SOLD

Thank you for your interest. I have recently upgraded the front three speakers in my system to SVS M-Series speakers and am now selling my front set of Paradigm Monitor speakers. All three speakers are approximately two years old and in very good condition. Original boxes and all hardware for the speakers are included in the prices. Please see below for more information and pictures, and feel free to post or message me with questions. I can also be reached at [email protected]. (For buyer and seller references, please refer to my eBay account under user name 'loltermer.')

Payment: Personal check or money order please. Items will be shipped and delivered after payment is received.

Shipping: I prefer local delivery in Cleveland, OH, and I am willing to drive a reasonable distance (approximately one hour each way) to deliver at no cost to buyer. For information on delivery shipping costs outside of the northeastern Ohio area, please provide your shipping location and desired speed of delivery, and I will get you USPS and/or UPS rates. All third-party shipping costs will be a direct pass through to the buyer. Please note that all shipped items will be insured, which is to be paid by the buyer.

Disclaimer (the short version): All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. But don't worry, as stated above, the speakers are in very good shape - I treat all my equipment (and potential buyers!) with the utmost respect. [/url]


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I'm chiming in to add that Chris is a great guy to work a deal with. You can read about our adventure in buying some SVS speakers in my speaker thread. I did a joint purchase with Chris in a somewhat complex and potentially financially risky way -- I paid for the speakers and he picked them up and delivered them. But he's a stand-up guy and everything went great. Without reservation, I can recommend him as someone to buy or sell with.

I've got nothing to gain from Chris' sale. He just helped me work out such a great SVS purchase that I want to help him sell his speakers, with a little reputation booster.

(And as for my bonafides: I've been with HTF for nearly 10 years, and I think even the owners would vouch that I've been a good member.)

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